Are you fluent in English?
Is your mother tongue French or Spanish or German?

We need more translators to join the volunteer translation team. This will imply a few pages to translate on a montly basis depending your availability.
If you have the skills and (some) time, please write to and mention that you would like to join the translation team.
Many thanks in advance!

There are many ways to participate in the realisation of the Pyramid for Light.
Every thought, word and action contains energy.
When a group of people comes together visualising mutually a project, its a powerful way to contribute to its realisation.

We therefore invite local groups to come together on a regular basis per country/region or join our borderless mediation whereby we´s set the time at 21.30 Monday nights to meditate and visualise the Pyramid for Light during ca. 15 minutes.

This applies for Europe, but we invite other continents to join as well and to arrange for a time suitable to all within their country/continent.

Together, connecting the hearts and hands, we jointly send a strong beam of light in preparation of its inauguration on 11.11.11