Below are the latest photos taken in July.
As you can see, its constantly ongoing works for the 4 caretakers to maintain and improve the site.
Together with the DD team, the foundation team, all Philippine partners and with the constant onsite coordination of brother Clos, the following projects are taking place at the P4L site:
– open drainage canal of 80 meters to be well prepared for the upcoming rainy season with construction company MCL
– the painting (4 coats) of the Pyramid pillars with construction company MCL
– renewal of the chakra roofs with stronger cogon (banana leaves) material
– overall landscaping of the whole site
– constant maintenance of all facilities
Current projects that we are studying and evaulating right now: semi-permanent kitchen facility, dormitory (staff) / storage room, renewal floors of several platforms and ongoing drainage

Others. MCL painting of Pyramid. Others. MCL removing of floodlights3. (more…)

Below are the latest photos from the site during the month of June.

Brother Clos (Claes Noremark) decided to fly over to the Philippines and spend a week to meet/discuss/evaluate the next projects with the foundation boardmembers, the construction companies, DENR department of natural and ecological resources and naturally the caretakers onsite. (more…)