Dear friends,

Several months have passed by since I wrote my last message to you all.
In this period, a variety of developments have taken place that can best be described as “transition”; a time to re-connect, listen, feel and learn.

Needless to say that we all miss the presence of Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Alex, whose legacy of healing, love and unity has transformed countless lives over these past decades. As I recently spoke to him after he suffered from a mild stroke in May, he expressed his gratitude for your continuous prayers and support. His recovery and rehabilitation is progressing well and is likely to last until the end of this year.
In the light of these developments and his sudden absence, we decided to cancel the scheduled healing events for this summer and instead we traveled to meet with the teams across Europe during the months of July and August. In Bulgaria, we attended the film premiere “Man of Faith”, featuring the life and healing mission of Brother Alex while transmitting the universal message of hope, faith and transformation. This 1-hour documentary is now being selected for international film festivals followed by local screenings in different countries. The website and trailer are viewable in English, French and Bulgarian at: (more…)