Let me put you in context.
The Tintin movie produced by Steven Speilberg/ Peter Jackson’s called “the Secret of the Unicorn” has been inspired from this album and will have it worlwide premiere on the 22.10.2011 in Belgium. Tintin as a cartoon has been translated in more than 86 differents languages since the last 81 years. In this story at this page 55 the Light is coming out from the shadow and Tintin is saying : “careful the WHITE LADY is watching you”. (Prenez garde, la Dame Blanche vous regarde) It is about a transformation of shadow to Light. Can you believe it ? What a synchronicity !!!!

Page 55 of Tintin´s album called: “Le crabe aux pinces d’Or” or “the Secret of the Unicorn”

I had to share this with you as this is so much bigger than us….Its common knowledge that Hergé (writer of Tintin) was a visionnary and a very spiritual and mystic author. He has been one of the most studied authors in the world by many universties and its going to be almost 18 years now that Tintin is in my Life and, of course, I had no clue at that time that the White Lady will be one of my Divine guidance … Woooow …this is a such a mystery !! A nice “clin d´oeil du ciel” is the fact that all numbers add up to either 9 (transformation), or 1 (unity) or 11. I am soooo touched to share that with you !

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