Like for example if I payed the lady who is helping with my home when I am away…or this morning going to a workshop I put in my handbag a pashmina scarf and then I put on MYSELF another one…!?

I am far from being adjusted to myself, whatever that myself means.. I know a lot of things are happening when I am sleeping, and at times I wonder if I am really sleeping? In the morning, I don´t remember anything concrete, I just know it´s important. From my previous experience I know all is coming in due time…

Food wise I am the cheapest person to feed just now: bread, rice and vegetables…!

Last day on the site, the very last morning, I was siting at the info desk and waiting for the departure, casted a glance over the whole place and all of sudden I saw IT ALL CLEARLY in my mind: I saw people, a garden, happy children around and wished I didn´t have to go..It´s something I can´t describe, it’s like A DEEP KNOWING, it was something to be/will be there, without any doubt.

When I read the messages, saw the photos and heard the music, I felt like crying – which I did – it was very strong indeed !

All my love and lots of hugs,


PS How well I understand you when you talk about missing all brothers and sisters…:)

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