The best method for me is by using a double terminated quartz crystal while making the connection to the Pyramid by intention. The double terminated quartz crystal is a quartz crystal with two ends that end in natural facets. They don’t have to be perfect at all in my experience.
The moment you express your intention and focus you can feel the energy change in your crystal. After a few seconds this energy is fully activated. For those who have actually been to the cave and/or the Pyramid or had healings by Alex, you may recognize the energy.
With the crystal in your hand, I prefer my left hand, you can energetically ”visit” the Pyramid and all 7 chakra-points. It is a great prelude to meditating. Every time you feel a chakra needs attention, this method will help you. Just think about the effect on you when you connect to the first 2 chakras before going to a tough meeting. I use the crystal to stay well grounded while doing my work. It keeps my energy level up, so I don’t tire as quickly.

After Alex healing tour here in Holland last May, I got an inspiration. Why not try to connect to The White Lady and ask for healing using my crystal?
So I tried, holding my crystal in my left hand. After declaring my intention of connecting to The White Lady and focussing on this connection, I felt Her energy activating in my crystal. Next I asked for Her healing energy and I received it almost instantaneously.
Then I asked for an organ to be healed and I felt Her healing energy focussing on this organ and transforming stagnant and negative energies. Next I asked, “You see”. For those who have been to Alex’s healing sessions this question is known. It means that you ask for a scan of your body in order to find spots that need healing. Immediately I could feel Her energy scanning my body and focussing on certain spots.
An other experience you might have is that during the physical healing an connection is made to that emotional or mental part in you that is manifesting itself in the physical. You will have to deal with this unbalance yourselves, as most of you know. However, you will be helped when you let this emotion or thought come to the foreground while not judging it. Just make it your intention to let it transform and it will happen.
This connection with The White Lady can help you greatly for travelling in the Astral regions, as it did for me. The first time using Her connection with my crystal took me on a 1,5 hour unbelievable trip.
Of course I had to make sure that this method would also work for others, so I asked 4 good friends to try this method. Their conclusions were clear; it also works for them!

Peter van Driel , geobiologist (Holland)

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