1. Repair of Chakras Roofing (Nipa).
2. On going works on Rip-Rap Slope Protection.
3. Backfill & Compaction of slope protection @ south & west side.
4. Pouring of gravel bedding.
5. Plastering works along border of T&B.
6. Formworks for Walkway
7. Concreting and plain cement finishing.
8. Re-elevation of natural ground @ the pyramid perimeter.

1. Slope protections @ west and South side of the pyramid were completed.
2. Additional gravel bedding @ T&B also completed.
3. Compaction and surface preparation also completed.
4. Concreting of walkway slab still along East portion on going.
5. Nipa hut were also installed and done.
6. Construction of pyramid stairway still on going.

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