• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation
  • United in Love and Light, everything is possible

    Build a Pyramid of Light on this holy land, trust and follow the divine guidance. There will be many obstacles but always remember: United in Love and Light, everything is possible.

    White Lady
    Channeled message from
    White Lady (Spirit)

Pyramid for Light

The Pyramid for Light, inaugurated on 11-11-11, is the realisation of a vision received by the Foundation´s Chairman Reverend Alex L. Orbito to elevate the planetary energy grid in support of the Earth’s ascension.

The heart of the Pyramid for Light is a unique crossing of a vortex with sacred, silver, golden and platinum Earth energy or ley-lines which is highly exceptional. Next to the Pyramid, seven energy points were detected each vibrating on a different colour, representing the seven chakras of the human body.

This sacred land offers:

  • the Pyramid of Light
  • 7 high-energy chakra stations
  • a 3+ km surrounding trail with 13 energy points, for contemplative and silence walks
  • 44 native “Nipa Huts” bamboo houses
  • 4 platforms, for meditation, grounding exercises, energy sharing and dining
  • a sustainable environment with organic and vegetable garden
  • shower and toilet facilities
  • Location

    Located on a major earth energy centre, the 14 meter high Pyramid for Light has been built through divine guidance, geo-biology, sacred geometry and with the heartfelt support of hundreds of volunteers from 21 countries around the world.