Dear Friends, A belated blessed, healthy and inspirational 2017 to you all.

Last year’s developments and changes around Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja urged us all to reflect and connect with its deeper significance and meaning. For those who are interested, I’m sharing some personal reflections in the enclosed letter titled “Emerging 2017”.

As a consequence, we have been implementing new programmes that increasingly emphasize on the aspect of self-healing and self-empowerment through the co-creation of collective healing fields. (more…)

Growing together in the Light of the Heart
Dear Self of Light, dear Guides,
Thank you for your presence at the opening of this inspired writing phase…

Dear Sister and Brother of Light,
As you all know, our Planet is in full mutation to say the least… being engaged into an unprecedented phase of transformation and alongside we journey with her to the Light. We are invited to participate consciously in the new frequency rise that is offered to us. Yet every day brings us its share of more darkened news. So what is happening?
Since we have left our bond of Unity with the Source to live a long journey in a “contracted” consciousness, each one experiences the choices of the ego while assuming its consequences. These are expressed in feelings of loneliness, fear in all its forms, suffering and its cohort of distortions, all linked to separation. Today we have the opportunity to change all this by resuming our journey back to Unity.
Of course, some of us still ignore to be part of the Children of Light, that we are brothers and sisters from the same Source. They thus prevent themselves from realizing that they possess by “birth-right” all the virtues offered by God, and that they are infinitely loved. When we refuse or ignore the light, we choose to live in the shadow and to even seek it in the most extreme distortions. We see it every day in the violent parts of the news. At the same time, we are invited to avoid judging ourselves and judging others, for our neighbour is simply our mirror. (more…)

Chers amis de la pyramide de lumière,
En décembre dernier lorsque nous étions à la pyramide, j’ai enregistré une conversation avec notre ami Rémi et, avec son autorisation, j’ai eu envie de partager avec vous ce texte qui m’a beaucoup touché et qui me semble très éclairant quand nous sommes sur des chemins ténébreux…
Quand, en juin, j’ai voulu faire ma réservation pour la Pyramide, il n’y avait malheureusement plus de place. J’espère néanmoins vous revoir prochainement et je vous souhaite à tous un chemin rayonnant de lumière et de paix.
En unité sur ce chemin, je vous embrasse affectueusement (more…)

Below are the latest photos taken in July.
As you can see, its constantly ongoing works for the 4 caretakers to maintain and improve the site.
Together with the DD team, the foundation team, all Philippine partners and with the constant onsite coordination of brother Clos, the following projects are taking place at the P4L site:
– open drainage canal of 80 meters to be well prepared for the upcoming rainy season with construction company MCL
– the painting (4 coats) of the Pyramid pillars with construction company MCL
– renewal of the chakra roofs with stronger cogon (banana leaves) material
– overall landscaping of the whole site
– constant maintenance of all facilities
Current projects that we are studying and evaulating right now: semi-permanent kitchen facility, dormitory (staff) / storage room, renewal floors of several platforms and ongoing drainage

Others. MCL painting of Pyramid. Others. MCL removing of floodlights3. (more…)

Below are the latest photos from the site during the month of June.

Brother Clos (Claes Noremark) decided to fly over to the Philippines and spend a week to meet/discuss/evaluate the next projects with the foundation boardmembers, the construction companies, DENR department of natural and ecological resources and naturally the caretakers onsite. (more…)

Addition to energetic hologram of the P4L

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As has been discussed in The Energetic Hologram of the P4L there exists a 144-grid hologram connecting all on the site of the P4L. And through the Sacred Forms in this hologram the Pyramid connects to all Sacred Sites. What would a 144-grid hologram look like?

In the Sacred Geometry there is a form that has 12 sides, the dodecahedron. We will stick to the basic forms of the Sacred Geometry, the so-called Platonic Solids although there are probably 26 forms in total. From the Solids the dodecahedron is chosen, due to its property of 12 sides. (more…)


Anybody who has some interest in energy and its patterns might end up studying sacred geometry. Another less known quality of energy is that it bundles likewise orderly energy patterns in a holographic form.

In the material world this can be a liver, a tree, a structure and even a piece of land. The hologram is created through the energy-pattern of the sacred geometry. One of its properties is non-locality, which means i.e. that one energy-point can be found in more than one place. Another property is that a part of the hologram shows the whole hologram. It also has to be circular in order to contain all feminine and masculine forms. As above, so below. (more…)

1Planting - Sir Elmer's Area  Planting4 (more…)

Comme promis je vous envoie ci-joint le texte lu lors de la dernière soirée à la Pyramide de Lumière, en versions française et anglaise, afin de le partager au groupe. Pour ceux et celles qui seraient intéressés par l’achat du livre (28 € ), les bénéfices vont à une association caritative ( Gol de Letra) qui construit des écoles dans les favellas au Brésil. Ils peuvent alors me contacter par email.
Je vous remercie encore pour votre si belle présence et votre travail au service de la Lumière. (more…)