Nov 11, 1939 – July 6, 2020

  1. WELCOME AND OPENING by Marika Verheijen (Spain)


Welcome to you all to the Heart Homage of Rev. Orbito / Brother Alex /Brother Aloja,

Before we start, lets do 3 deep breathings together: our first breath to connect with our hearts, the second to connect with each other all around the world and the third to connect with Brother Alex.

Thank you all for coming together, thank you to the team who worked relentlessly to made this possible and above all thank you Brother Alex for being you are. This whole Heart Homage is about celebrating your life and healing mission as Wherever he went, he opened hearts through his loving presence and healed bodies and minds through his exceptional healing capacities.

I met Alex Orbito in 1998, 22 years ago and I knew instantly that he was a close soul brother, someone I knew well on a deep soul level. So when he asked me “can you help me in my healing mission”, I immediately said YES! My life has since changed totally as I accompanied him in healing journeys across the world to through loving presence and extraordinary healing gifts.

But today, at this homage, I would like to share what happened on the day of his passing. It was like a perfect written divine script filled with powerful symbolism and synchronicity.

We had planned since a long time to gather on July 5 at the Domaine de Capoue in France, the place where Alex used to do the healings in France. We gathered early morning with a small group of friends related to Alex –we hadn’t seen each other for a long time- to walk up the mountain to visit some caves. We reached the cave at about 11 am and only a few of us went inside as the entrance was very narrow, we needed to scroll head down through the small entrance. We jokingly referred to the cave in the Philippines with a similar small entrance. Inside the cave, there were 3 chambers: one to let go of the old fear based energies, the second to ground and center ourselves in our hearts and the third, to connect with higher realms. When we reached the last chamber, we went into meditation and its here where Brother Alex came through. He said that he was preparing to soon leave this earthly plane. He gave us blessings and told us to continue the mission he had started.

We left the cave in silence and continued our journey to walk to the mountain’s peak from where he had spectacular view 360 degrees. Early afternoon, we started the descent and halfway the mountainous forest, a friend slipped and broke her ankle. We therefore mobilized all our forces and organized a way to evacuate her … whereby eventually a helicopter needed to come to rescue her. So the mountain kept us “trapped” in close cooperation for the remainder of the day until she was rescued and flown to a nearby hospital. As we descended the mountain it was late evening and reached the valley at about 10 pm. Its here where my phone rang. It was Alex’s wife Rose telling me that Alex had just passed away an hour ago.

We stood there in awe .. realizing how he had prepared us that same morning inside the cave. As we stood in middle of the Capoue valley, we sat down in a circle to meditate, to pray and to sing. Than Brother Alex/Aloja entered again, this time very powerful saying … I am free now, I am liberated … and I will be guiding you all until you all connect with your own power, your own consciousness, your own light. Be strong; continue the Light you are …

We embraced each other crying as we could feel his freedom, power and joy. As we stood up to leave, we saw a bright light emerging behind the mountains’ peak and we realized that it was the radiance of the full moon. As it emerged it was big and bright, with a smiling face going up to starts in the heavens.


In the Philippines, it was 3 am in the morning on Monday ie. “Moon” day, so he ascended with the full moon just as the Opening of the Pyramid for Light.


It is very symbolic he chooses consciously this moment, precisely when we’re together in Capoue and in a time where the world is going through a mayor shift.  

Today’s zoom session was planned since 2 months, which is the peak of New Moon.

As you see, it was all carefully planned from a higher dimension to end one cycle and birth a new.

Its now upon us to trust and walk the path Alex prepared for us with unified hearts.



  1. TESTIMONIALS by Fred Matser, Isabelle Laurent, Claes Noremark, Remi Florian and D.R. Kaarthikeyan


By Fred Matser (Netherlands) :

My name is Fred Matser and I am a good friend of my late brother Alex. I met with Alex and Marika for this first time in Vienna in 2000 in the medical hospital where he had been invited by Alfred von Liechtenstein, who had organized a meeting with several medical directors/surgeons of Austrian hospitals. Straight when I met with Alex, he looked me in the eyes, took my hand and called me his brother. And that is precisely what I felt too, that he was indeed my brother. The time in Vienna was amazing and of course, the whole healing procedures were spectacular especially for the medical doctors who were present and could watch what he was doing. But also to undergo such a healing. This is how Alex is known in the world, the way he heals and the spectacular procedures.

But for me the most important about Alex was always his loving presence, you could sit with him for a long time and just be together, you could feel his love. And I have been privileged together with Marika and the members of the chakra group to spend so much time in his presence.

The last time I was in his presence is 2 years ago in the Philippines where I stayed some days with his family in his house and where he was physically in a difficult situation, but he was surrounded by the loving care of his wife Rose and his children. Even though he was very limited physically, you could feel his loving presence.. through his kind and twinkling eyes, he emanated love that he represented wherever he went on this planet.

To me Alex is a great example, a friend, a soul brother, a grateful man, a loving man, a brave man, a modest man, a humorous man, a authentic man, an understanding man and a miracle man.

A good father, a good husband, a man of faith, a man of love, a man of light, a man of grace and gratitude, a man of healing, a man of God. Alex was the carrier of the essence of Love, the presence of Love,

May his soul rest in peace.

I will miss you my brother and I hope that what you have sown on the planet, that we will be able to participate for a long time in growing and blossoming process of the unconditional love of which you were o much a living example.

I know you are there, I feel your presence.


By Isabelle Laurent (France/Spain) :

Hello everybody, my name is Isabelle LAURENT. As you surely have, I do have many memories with Alex : memories of emotions, of intense Communion, of pure Joy, when the Holy Spirit carries us all together and makes miracles possible… memories also of lightness and laughter, in the different countries where I accompanied him : Philippines, India, France, Spain and Switzerland. That’s why I found it hard to choose a memory in particular to share with you.

For those who do not know me, I met Alex (o rather Alex crossed my path, thanks to my beloved sister-in-law Christine Bredel) early 2002, when my son Christophe, 16 years at that time, was trying to survive a very aggressive cancer of the peritoneum. The Divine Help manifested itself through Alex, who supported Christophe all along his medical treatment and surgeries, and after that, during several years. Finally, Christophe’s soul decided to take on his incarnation. He’s 35 now, got married, and could figure out his own balance.

These were 2 very hard years indeed, at the hospital, together with my husband Jean-Pierre and my daughter Virginie, supporting Christophe. One day in Madrid, Alex had just finished to treat Christophe and he stared at me and told me: “come to the Philippines”. It was in 2004. After these 2 years I was totally exhausted. I felt I absolutely had to go, but I didn’t know why. So I travelled with my daughter to the Pyramid of Asia in Manaoag, to attend our 1st AMA Seminar at Easter.

First morning, before the healings, before the teachings, we all gather inside the Pyramid for meditation, chanting, praying… My daughter and some persons fall on the ground in a light trance. Alex says of Virginie :  “this young lady is connected to my energy”. As we’re heading out, Alex decides to give a warm welcome hug to each one of us.

My turn comes. I feel so full of Joy, l feel light, at the right place… Alex smiles to me, hugs me, says: ”I’m so happy you came!”, and suddenly, his expression changes (I didn’t understand that he was channeling), his look is very intense, he grabs strongly my arms, and says in a loud changed voice: ”you are here because of Christophe ! He’s the bridge between you and God!”.

At that very instant, in a split second, I can feel a huge wave of pure grief, of pure pain, growing inside my belly, and bursting out like a geyser, and I fall on the ground bursting into tears. My daughter collects the pieces of me… I kept crying during 24 hours, wagons of tears, I cried all my despair, my fear, my burnout, my anxiety, my rage. All these emotions that I kept locked in during these 2 years, because I had to be strong for my son and face the situation.

Alex opened my heart, allowing my heart to heal. That’s what he did all his life long : open our heart, for each one of us. Help us to open ourselves to love, to forgive ourselves, to forgive the others.

I keep these words of him as a goodbye : “ My heart is your home. Your heart is my home”

Thank you, Alex. I love you.


By Claes Noremark (Sweden)

I am Claes Noremark, I am from Sweden and my first meeting with Alex Orbito came to be a part of my destiny. Little did I know when I 30 years ago curiously went to Germany to meet a Philippino Healer named Alex Orbito.

That i one year later should become a part of his healing ministry did not exist in my mind. Upon his healing bench in less than 2 minutes he opened a door in me that might have taken 10 years of meditation to open up. Something beautiful happened that I wanted to have more of.

I went back to Sweden and formed a team and welcomed Alex in July the following year. An unforgettable time that came to be a tradition for 10 consecutive years.The highlight for me and my team was when Alex every morning did his presentation of his background and his healing work. And when He said that  I am not God – only the instrument and then let the divine power of Mother-Father God relieve itself through the many miracles that took place.

His egoless purity and total surrender was his strength.

Behind his charismatic personality, over the the years I came also to know him as an ordinary human being with the same duties and difficulties we all meet throughout our lives.

Traveling alone and in long periods away from his family and many relatives depending on him for different reasons was a heavy emotional burden to him.

Despite his pureness and honesty he was often met by challenges as disbelievers and at times accused for practicing medicine without licens. During such situations he kept his strength and use to say ” My mission is not to convince, but to cure.” And he showed his true mastery in the art of forgiveness.

We have cried together as well as laughing out loud for letting things go. The golf course was his favorite place to relax and we strengthen our frienship by sharing this hobby. I am so grateful for being able to cultivate my spirituality and to know myself better in his company.

 He shared his dreams about Pyramids and asked me to be his financial adviser at the creation of the PYRAMID OF ASIA, which was inaugurated in 1999.


Through spiritual guidance we formed a support group of 7 people around Alex in 2003. Even though some of us had never met before, straight at the first meeting there was such a strong bonding and where we learnt that our gathering had a higher purpose as we formed the 8 chakras to ignite the beginning of The PYRAMID FOR LIGHT. From here things started to escalate with the appearance of the LADY OF LIGHT and her message to build a Pyramid outside the St Rosario Cave in Mabini. What happened here is simply a miracle and forms part of the legacy Alex leaves behind… namely that in a united field we can shift energies to make the impossible possible.

 For this divine project the DD team was formed with the necessary wisdom and knowledge and I was fortunate to work closely at their side during the time of construction. Many, many volunteers and generous donators contributed to the accomplishment of this divine creation and my warmest gratitude to you all.

Also to all worldwide organizers and helping teams that hosted for Alex and his healing ministry over so many years. Blessings to you all.

Alex has now left hid physical garment behind but has never left us. Liberated and from his new position in the light he will still be guiding us on our paths as light-workers. Beloved Brother Aloja, Thank you for everything! I know that you are with us here at this moment and you will forever be carried in our hearts with love



By Remi Florian (France) :

Beloved Brother Aloja, here are a few words about the wonderful story I had with you. It is with immense gratitude that I address them to you today on behalf of all my human sisters and brothers, whom you have loved and cared for all your life and throughout the world.

We are in the anniversary month of our first meeting, 14 years ago in Germany. At that time, I have been going from one therapist to another, alternative, allopathic, surgical, for almost 10 years, to regulate my heart affected by severe congenital rhythmic disorders. If it has been unsuccessful so far, it is most certainly because Heaven has provided that my path passes through our meeting, dear Brother Aloja. From your first treatment, my heart instantly calms down and a great serenity comes over me. The next day, a Sunday, you gather us together for a collective prayer, and I am very touched by this sentence: “I am not a healer, I take care of you; your true healer, it is God in you who can EVERYTHING. “

Dear Brother of Light, you have been a wonderful teacher for me, one of those who are the most remarkable in my eyes, because they teach by example. Your simplicity and your unshakable Faith are contagious and bring about great changes in everyone you meet.

During my first stay in the Philippines, in April 2009, I told one of my pretty dreams in which I saw a winding path dotted with points of colored light coming out of the Earth. This wonderful path leads to a sparkling pyramid of white light. Marika tells me that a few days ago, beloved brother Aloja, you had had the same dream. Shortly after, White Lady appointed by guidance the members of the DD Team, the design-build team of the Pyramid … And now I find myself assigned alongside Sylvie, Jean-Jacques and Maan. Many thanks for the trust that has been given to us collectively!

Dearest Brother Aloja, your guide White Lady told you that your mission would be to build a Pyramid of Light on the site of the cave you discovered in your childhood. And it is in this cave, at Easter 2009, that you channel your dear mother Cipriana. In front of our amazed eyes, you join your hands above your head, and a living bird instantly manifests there … In a trance, you pronounce these words: “it’s time for the bird to leave its nest”!

From the following year, helped by our brothers who became the “Caretakers”, we study the marvelous energies of the site, starting quite naturally from the periphery, where we open what will then be called the “path of the Bird”. Continuing towards the heart of the site, we quickly spot 7 major points of emergence of colors. Dear Aloja, your blessing of each of these points is an extraordinary moment, which confirms that we will have to place future chakra stations there.

A little higher, in the clearing that we recognized as the ideal location for the Sacred Pyramid, you are there with Marika, Sylvie, Claes, Orlando, Marie-Claude and Maan who joined us, and there, the miracles continue. During the unforgettable ritual that you conduct, dear Brother Aloja, several telluric networks and a large vortex are superimposed at a single point of incredible power. At this very spot, you make us light a candle, stack all our hands on the top of the flame and instantly the candle explodes, a circle of fire bursting out all around us.

By guidance, you indicate we have to dig in this place, and it is once again the example of your unwavering Faith that supports us. After long efforts, we witness the birth of two white stone eggs, literally delivered and pushed by Mother Earth, leaving a deep vertical tunnel open at the bottom of the hole we have just dug! This is the Father egg that we are going to place at the apex of the Pyramid, and the Mother egg that will remain on the ground at the very place of its birth, in the center of the pyramid.

The following year in 2011, other stones including those of the 4 pillars and the 4 archangels, will complete the series, all miraculously materialized by your care. Then in the middle of the rainy season, between April and November, this work was carried out thanks to the incredible courage of Filipino workers, and the miraculous loving support of White Lady. 11.11.11, dearest Brother Aloja, you are officiating in the magnificent energies of the full Moon, for the inauguration of this powerful monument dedicated to Mother Earth.

It is in the blessings and symbols of the same maternal energy of the full Moon, accompanied by that of the summer solstice, that a few days ago you left freely towards the worlds of Light. Thank you very much Brother Aloja for all this and for so many other things that touched all those who have worked with you. We know that you continue to inspire us and watch over our family of hearts as well as all of humanity. All together, we send you a huge bouquet of Gratitude and Love.


D.R. Kaarthikeyan (India)

Brothers and sisters from all over the world, I am D.R. Kaarthikeyan from India. Brother Rev. Alex Orbito always called me his Brother General Kaarthikeyan. I had the privilege of knowing him for decades. I miss him, but I know he is the hearts of all of us.  So I am joining you all, brother and sisters around the world, praying for his soul to rest in peace.

Amen, OHM.



  1. PRAYER AND MEDITATION by Olivier Abossolo (France)


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Light,

As for many people who have met with our Brother Aloja, what amazed me most during my first meeting was his quality of heart and healing transmitting so much Love to others.

But afterwards I was equally amazed by his great readiness to love God through prayer and meditation. A few years later, I had the good fortune to spend several days alone in his company at the Pyramid of Light and I remember that we spent almost half of the day in prayer and meditation. “Prayer and meditation are the paths that lead to God in Heaven and to the Christ within,” he used to say.

How do we know that we connect to God, that it is not our ego or our mind?

When you have reached this point, in the meditative or prayerful moment, question your Faith in God and the Love for yourself and for others.

If you feel joy in this moment, it is because the Truth is also present.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I invite you to a moment of prayer and meditation, united with the spirit of our Brother the Reverend Alex Orbito.

I invite you to close your eyes and open your hearts and minds to the Love of God, the Light of Christ and the Spirit of our brother ALOJA.





Father-Mother God, Creator of everthing,
Christ Jesus and Saint Mary Magdalene,

Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary,
Lady of Light, Spirit of Jelo, Angels and Archangels,

We thank you for welcoming our Brother Aloja to you, in the Eternal Love of God and Source of All.

We thank you and we thank him because we know that his Healing Love and Light already joined yours to guide, accompany and protect us throughout our lives.

May we continue the path he initiated in our hearts, and build together the world of Love, Joy, Peace and Unity, which he called with his whole being through his mission of healing bodies and souls.




Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I invite you to keep your eyes closed …

to let yourself be carried away by your breath, your inner breath … luminous, warm …

Allow your body’s well being and being comfortably seated, to let your consciousness join a space of silence, freedom, Love and Light. Perhaps in the middle of your breath, your chest, in the space of your heart.

This may be a good time to visualize behind your closed eyes the Pyramid of Light,

Its lush forest, its beautiful flowers, the sun’s rays through the branches of the trees, the light breath of the wind … and the Pyramid of Light itself, raising its four white pillars towards the blue sky, connecting Mother Earth to the Universe.

I then invite you to sit down, to install yourself in the Pyramid of Light, all together, forming magnificent circles, creating the flower of life together connected from hand to hand and from heart to heart in the same vibration of Love and Unity. …

Then together we can honor Mother Earth by lovingly placing our hands and foreheads to its soil and honor the Father in Heaven by turning our hands and our eyes towards the heavens in a wave of gratitude.

Let us now turn our loving consciousness with respect and grace towards the 4 sides of the Pyramid, the 4 Archangels, the 4 cardinal points, in order to project everyone through our radiant hearts, the vibration of Love and Unity that unites us, towards our planet Earth, to Nature and all forms of life, towards our brothers and sisters on this Earth and on other worlds and planets ….

Then in a gesture of sacred union of Love and Compassion, let us turn the Light of our hearts towards this world that goes through a profound transformation, so that all the Light that is in our hearts may bless, heal, and help everyone to be reborn to one’s own divine potential …

Thus united in the Love and the Light of Christ, in the Peace and the Joy of the Unity of our hearts, in communion with the spirit of our Brother Aloja, we can keep in us this Flame of Life by laying our two hands one on the other on our heart …

Let us transmit this Light to the world by each of our thoughts, words and deeds …

Let us thus give birth to the stars, the winds and the mountains of paradise on Earth ….

Finally, let us welcome the wonderful smile of our Brother Aloja, who fills our hearts with joy vibrating to the sound of the ALLELUIA, in the eternal joy of life. AMEN.


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Light, take time again for this moment of meditation, in silence and with closed eyes, and let the magic of Life, the smile of Love and Light of our Brother Aloja, work its magic through you.


Diana Cohen singing AVE MARIA



  1. CLIP “MAN OF FAITH”, the award winning, filmed documentary about Rev. Orbito’s life and mission


Words of Rev. Alex Orbito, Brother Aloja:


“I feel, I saw and I see … that a new world is coming from heaven.

This new world from heaven is coming to our planet.

The new world is the light of God

That is why, there will be no more darkness, all light.

No more sick, no more dead, no more crying, no more sadness

No more fight … because the old ways are gone.

We are preparing to pray because the new world is coming to us”.



  1. TRANSMISSION by Josiane Dewachter (Netherlands)


My name is Josiane, living in Holland and I cherish my close connection with Brother Aloja and service during these past 16 years. What a honorable moment, to gather here together with so many, to re-create the Magic moment and Magnetic field of LOVE, experienced in the presence of Brother Aloja.
This humble man knew how to ignite that spark, that Light within our Human Hearts.
He strongly marked and colored my ‘Book of Life’ as a healer, a brother, a friend and a spiritual guide. During many international travels, the giving and receiving reached far and deep from the human to the divine, from the personal to the collective, the earthly to the inter-dimensional planes.
 Marika and I often joked, with Brother Aloja ‘there is never a dull moment’.
 And yes, in his presence there was always plenty of challenges, adventures, laughter and jokes, love and moments of bliss.
 But above all he was a true human example of Unconditional Love, infusing forever a deep imprint and re- awakening of My Soul purpose.

So, dear brother Aloja, an immense gratitude
For all the magic and miracle, with grace in disguise. For all the power of Healing and Love, experienced and witnessed, For all the tears of pain and laughter, washing away human dis-ease. Liberating deep conditioned imprints and beliefs, bathing our Soul in pure Joy and Light, reminding us that our True Home is ‘Who We Are ’

He was often told by spirit ‘Prepare Yourself”
which puzzled our Brother for several years
thinking he still needed TO DO something, but now as his physical body left this plan,
His Soul was prepared, embracing this last passage,  crossing the veil of illusion to the other shore, dissolving and finally freed into the Cosmic Light, where we all are Unified in Source
Dear Brother be in peace and shine your Light from above.

Referring to the clip and a few significant moments:

Before, Marika mentioned the synchronicities we lived through on 5th July, the day of Brother Alex’s passing away. It was indeed a magical moment we lived through in the mountains of France and upon receiving the message; we were so stunned to see the bright full moon rising over the top of the mountain

As I did not understand the power of that moment and day, a few days later unexpectedly I learned why…during that evening/night there was a very special cosmic constellation.
 There was not only a Lunar eclipse, alignment between Sun, Moon and Earth but on top there was also full alignment with the star Sirius, known as the Star of Origin.

This unique constellation represents a time of preparation for BIG transitions, some call it a Re-naissance, Re-birthing, the before of 2020 and the after of 2020. Nevertheless there is too much that could be shared about this for this limited time….but a few things I like to mention that are highly significant and related to Alex’s mission and future vision.
  This super alignment creates a very strong portal for the force to flow through from Heaven to Earth AND also stands for a strong connection with Consciousness that is Global and Collective.
All strongly related with what he called the ’New World’ coming and the continuation of the future mission and Healing he visioned.
I like to connect this information with a powerful moment Brother Alex experienced during the end of the shootings of the documentary. He suddenly had an epiphany about his Healing mission. He realized that this moment in his life signified an ‘End and New Beginning’, a ‘Before and an After’.

It took him several days to really accept that his mission was now moving from the ‘Personal Healer’ to ‘Collective Healings’  After that he had this strong re-occurring vision of this New World, in which he saw many people coming together in joy and light, large groups being healed and re-united from a heart connection.

Now looking back it was at that time, 2 years ago that we were guided to give BIRTH to what we named the ‘UnitingCircles’.
 New seeds were planted, reflecting his future vision as empowerment and healing not only as individuals, but also as collective fields.

Ever since, there have been countless synchronicities, guiding us, many brothers and sisters walking together that Path in his Footprint and embracing that Field of his Heart print.

His ascension time was well chosen, after a few years of planting this new seeds so the cosmic plan could be continued.

As a last but not least word, in name of all the panelists, of all those present and above all through a wink of our Soul Brother Aloja, we like to give an immense ‘THANK YOU, Gracias, Merci, Dank je to Marika/Maraja, our very dear sister, who has always been a bridge and a wing of care for anyone who met Brother Aloja, relentlessly and unconditionally did she stand by his side, always attentive and tuning in with what his Soul needed in support of his mission. Marika has been all along the glue for uniting the international communities and the Pilipino families.

During all these years, she was the extension of his Love and Integrity and above all fulfilled her mission in supporting his vision till the end of his life here on Earth.

Now In cooperation with many brothers and sisters we are guided to continue the future vision of our Brother Alex, the vision of a New World, healing hearts and re-connecting with the unifying web of source.

Thank you for your presence in Love and Light!



  1. MUSICAL PART by Diana Cohen (USA), Christopher Poppen and Juliane Banse (Germany)


Diana Cohen (USA) singing “a Million Dreams”

My name is Diana Cohen, thank you so much having me here.

I am going to see a song called “A million dreams” which we think so beautifully describes the world that Alex was talking about, the vision of the new world that he saw, of whats coming.  And here are the lyrics that are kindly be translated by Oliver.

I close my eyes and I can see, a world that is waiting up for me.

I think of what the world can be, a vision of the one I see

We can live in a world that we design

A million dreams that’s all its gonna take

A million dreams for the world we are gonna make


Christopher Poppen (Germany) “Holy Spirit” of J.S Bach

My name is Chistopher Poppen from Germany. I am a violin player and orchestra conductor. I  met Alex a little more than 20 years ago and I met him for the first time in a dream. I was standing in front of a big house,it was white with huge stairs and than the doors opened and golden light was coming out. The man who was coming out was opening his arms and said welcome. That was the dream.

A few days later, I went for the first time to a healing session with Alex Orbito in Munich, the door opened and there was Alex who said “welcome”! I immediately recognised him from my dream, it was the same person, the same face whom I had already seen in my dream. This was a very touching moment and from this moment on, we’ve always been very close, he called me his brother. We were strongly connected and I was privileged to meet him quite regularly. I owe him a lot, so does my wife Juliane who will sing a song in a few minutes, which he (Alex) also wanted to hear today.

When it was clear that I could play something here today, I asked Alex what he would like to hear and we agreed on a slow movement of J.S. Bach, which is dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit guided Alex and guides all of us.

So this music is for you, my dear friend and brother Alex with lots of love and deepest gratitude.


Juliane Banse (Germany) singing “You raise me up”


“When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so weary
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas
I am strong when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be”.



  1. CLOSING REMARKS by Marika Verheijen


More than a closure, it’s a continuation of a long journey that started way back, which –as we saw – contains the birthing of a new beginning.

A few days after Bother Aloja’s passing, I suddenly woke up and 3 am and clearly felt Alex’s presence who asked me to write down his 3 messages to be transmitted at the end of his Homage.


1st message;  explain my spiritual name ALOJA, that I received on 11/11/11

Alpha Love Omega, there is no beginning and there is no end, there is only a constant evolution and transformation. I am not gone, I am present but on a different dimension to guide and be of service to the whole. Remember what the caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.

Jesus Amen. In the past decade, Aloja talked often about the second coming of Christ. The second coming is not about awaiting an external saviour, its about embracing our own light and divinity … and its key to unlock this divine potential is through our loving and compassionate hearts. Think about the image of Jesus or Maria pointing to both the heart and the heavens, the bridge –as Brother Alex taught us – is through altruistic love.


2nd message: explain them my vision.

Since he was little, Alex saw the vision of people walking into a Pyramid one way and leaving on the other side with a radiance of Light emanating from them. He always pursued this vision, which eventually lead to the manifestation of the Pyramid for Light. In theory it was impossible to build, yet our unified hearts created such a powerful field that made it possible. In the first 9 years of its existence, we welcomed people where we could witness with our own eyes that they left transformed, radiant.

However the Pyramid was never built to only accommodate a few people flying in from afar. The purpose of this sacred place is to lift the earth’s vibration through all of our hearts and energies. So we will be making this chakra and initiation path accessible and available to everyone, from wherever you’re located. It will be a virtual initiation path we’ll walk together … learning about the amazing story as we start the chakra path until we reach – in loving unity and oneness- the Pyramid for Light. Inside the Pyramid with the support of the many spirits and beings of Light, we will co-create the new world we would like to see. As Alex said “concentration is creation” … he has shown us the way, he prepared the initiation path … now we’re invited to be the co-creators and lightworkers we are.

Let us always remember the White Lady’s mantra that « united in love and light, everything is possible  « 


3rd message; please thank everyone personally on my behalf


To all the contributors of this commemorative homage


To all organizers and their volunteer teams, healers, therapists, medical doctors, scientists and patients in the different places around the world.


To all the members, support teams and participants of the Pyramid for Light Foundation.


To all the participants and teams of the Pyramid of Asia healing Center


To all friends and family members.


Thank you all for your love and support



  1. LETTER OF GRATITUDE from the Orbito family:


Thank you all for your unconditional love and continuous support from the day you met my father until now. Let us remember the laughter by the jokes he made, he is a very funny man. Let us remember the love, by his work and his compassion; let us remember his greatness by his gentle spirit and pureness of his soul. He is a very profound man, a beacon of light and love to many, many people. His legacy will live on forever. We find peace in knowing that he is in a better place, no more pain ..  he is strong, he is smiling, he is walking, singing and dancing with the stars with our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many testimonies and visions before he left us, as a reassurance he is in heaven. His light emitted the whole room on that very day, assuring us that he will be in a better place. We have peace in our heart. He was a great man, no hint of malice, no hint of deceit, no hint of animosity or spite, just pureness of his heart and his love.


Thank you all for your wonderful journey with my father. For the support and the love. Please continue to remember his greatness and his kindness and to remind everyone within your reach to remember the good he shared to the whole world. We love you and we thank you, from the deepest parts of our hearts.

With great love,


Alessandra (Princess) Orbito, on behalf of whole Orbito family 





Dear Brother Alex, dear Brother Aloja,


We thank you.

We love you.

You are forever in our hearts.

We know that the best way to remember you is to continue walking the path you prepared for us.


God bless you.



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