• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation


The Pyramid for Light as a spiritual & ecological home is offering retreat programmes to harmonize and elevate our energies, based on the principle of love and unity.

In 2016, Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja collapsed during a full trance and channeled the message from his Spirit Guide Isaiah telling him to rest and prepare for what needs to come next in his evolutionary phase.

In this same spirit we decided to embark on this novel path towards more collective (self) healing and holistic awareness and by unlocking and embracing the divine potential within.

In alignment with this vision, we elaborated the folliowing programmes in the Philippines:

Healing Seminar: “In the footsteps of Traditional Spiritual Healers in the Philippines”

For many years, Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja offered advanced healing seminars for those who wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Philippines healers. He recently appointed well-experienced and gifted Joseph Calano to continue this task and teach about the spiritual tradition of Filipino healers. Joseph has always felt that these profound indigenous teachings and its sharings is his true mission.

Joseph will guide the participants in the same the way as Filipino healers are being trained in their spiritual journey. This accompaniment will be done in a spiritual ambiance including sacred places propitious to the rites of initiation that will be given.

The programme includes meditation practices, individual healings as well as opening chakra’s to enhance the channeling of energies and spirit guides.

Meeting the healers in their natural habitat and following their pure tradition will further complement the entire experience. The daily lectures, practices, rituals and healings, will allow you to connect more intensely with the forces of the soul and to channel the energies of healing.

For the complete programme with full details, please contact us at pyramid4light@gmail.com


Retreat & Resourcing programs

In these past years, Brother Alex or Aloja received the repetitive message from his Spirit guides “to retreat and to prepare”. As a visionary with a legacy of 60 years of holistic healing across the world, he often predicted these shifting times inviting us to activate our self-healing capacities and to embrace our divine potential, both individually and collectively.


The Pyramid for Light today is the embodiment of the Spirit’s message that “united in love and light, everything is possible”.  Starting 2019, we are offering more regular retreat and resourcing programs onsite, facilitating the reconnection with soul and nurturing our true nature though love, care and compassion.


It’s the journey back `home´ to our heart, the home of our soul.


Supported by the sacredness of the site with the Chakra trail, the Pyramid for Light as well as the Mother, Father and Sacred Heart Tree, we experience the powerful heart intelligence and connect with its divine potential. When we unite through unconditional acceptance and love, we can access a field beyond time and space that gives access to a higher consciousness of oneness and unlimited healing.


It’s a profound transformative journey into the mystical and spiritual realms of our being, allowing for the alignment between body, mind and soul.



“The feelings of brotherhood, unity and universal love are carried to such a degree and intensity that are exceptional in my existence”. Philippe (France) April 2018

“ The time spent at the Pyramid for Light was life transformative”. Anna (Germany) April 2018

“This experience has changed my life and I can now even say that I am enjoying being loved for the first time since 32 years and I am realising that universal love can freely circulate through me“. Sibylle (Switzerland) April 2019

“This stay allowed me to connect deeper within and to emerge the positive energy and divine love that is in me. I fully recommend this stay… if only people knew, they all want to come!”.  Pierre (New Caledonia) April 2019


Spiritual Healing & Retreat Programme April 2020

April 04 19, 2020Spiritual Healing & Retreat Programme

April 04 – 26, 2020: Spiritual Healing & Retreat Programme & Silent Retreat

April 09 – 26, 2020: Retreat Programme & Silent Retreat



April 04

Arrival Manila airport and transfer to Hotel


April 05

Transfer to  Beach Resort in Pangasinan

Welcome, practicalities and information       


April 06


Introduction and explanation about healings

Individual Healing session by Joseph Calano

Healing Seminar and exercises:

– Explanation different energy bodies

– Meditation and effect brain waves / spiritual consciousness

– Collective field of healing, giving/receiving reciprocity              

Evening optional Global meditation


April 07


Intention placement          

Individual Healing session by Joseph Calano

Healing Seminar and exercises:

– Connecting / feeling subtle energies; aura, meridians and chakras

– Meditation to cleanse and release blockages

– Uniting Circles: healing power through collective fields          

Evening Optional : Documentary Man of Faith


April 08


Distant or remote healing

Individual Healing session on opening heart chakra by Joseph Calano

Healing Seminar and exercises:

– Explanation heart resonance, gut and energy transmitters

– Visualization with light energy

– Unity Circles: healing with the heart vibration

Optional Evening: Espiritistas Mass


 April 09


Individual Healing session on opening third eye by Joseph Calano

Energy exercises

Explanation Pyramid for Light Retreat: purpose and preparation

Collective field of unity: healing each other

Optional Evening: Candle meditation inside Pyramid


April 10

Practicalities, preparation and transfer to Pyramid for Light 


April 11


Silent mindful walk in nature (Bird walk) 

Explanation first chakra: Root

Programme harmonisation first chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities 


April 12

Morning gathering & explanation second chakra Hara

Programme harmonisation second chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities

Afternoon gathering & explanation third chakra: Solar Plexus

Programme harmonisation third chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities


April 13

Morning gathering & explanation fourth chakra Heart

Programme harmonisation fourth chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities

Afternoon Group gathering/sharing about heart / pink point / 8th chakra


April 14

Morning gathering & explanation fifth chakra: Throat

Programme harmonisation fifth chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities

Afternoon gathering & explanation sixth chakra: Third eye

Programme harmonisation sixth chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities


April 15

Morning gathering & explanation seventh chakra: Crown

Programme harmonisation seventh chakra with grounding/meditation/energy activities

Baptism ceremony

Explanation (evening) about Pyramid meditation


April 16

Meditation Pyramid for Light

Rest and integration

Evening Sound Meditation Pyramid for Light 


April 17

Either optional seaside excursion or further integration at P4L

Silent mindful walk (Bird path)

Farewell dinner   


Nov 18/19

Return transfer to Manila (overnight Manila) and transfer to airport on Sunday  or start of the Silent retreat

Sunday till Friday

April 19-24

Optional Silent Retreat (Pyramid for Light)

This optional silence week allow for a deepening of the healing process. The first day will consist of explanations and guidance followed by 5 days of silence and ending with a day of integration, sharing and preparing for the return. These days of silence are aimed to become more aware of the present moment and the connection with one’s inner and outer environment. When the mind quiets down, the soul communication can emerge allowing for deeper insights and inner vision.


April 25

Return transfer to Manila (overnight Manila)


April 26

Transfer to Manila airport 



Note: We strongly recommend participants who come for the first time; to attend the first week’s Healing Seminar as it is a cleansing and inner preparation process for the Retreat.


Fee Healing Seminar & Retreat (April 04 – 19, 2020): 1750 €* which is all-inclusive of the indicated programme, accommodation (based on twin occupancy), transfers airport, 2 hotel-nights Manila (arrival and departure), full board vegetarian food, guidance and security.

Fee Healing Seminar & Initiation Retreat & Silent Retreat (April 04 – 26, 2020): 2100 €* which is all-inclusive of the indicated programme, accommodation (based on twin occupancy), transfers airport, 2 hotel-nights Manila (arrival and departure), full board vegetarian food, guidance and security.

Fee Initiation Retreat & Silent Retreat (April 09 – 26, 2020): 1650 €*  which is all-inclusive of the indicated programme, accommodation (based on twin occupancy), transfers airport, 2 hotel-nights Manila (arrival and departure), full board vegetarian food, guidance and security.

Supplement single room: (only available in Manila and Beach Resort) 300 €

Not included: international transport to Manila, meals in Manila, optional excursions. 

* Please note that part of the retreat fee is a contribution to the Pyramid for Light Foundation.



REGISTRATION: In view of the restricted capacity on site, we have a limited number of participants that can be accepted. We therefore strongly urge you to register as soon as possible and to check availability first before reserving the flight. Email: pyramid4light@gmail.com


Thank you.