Below are the latest photos from the site during the month of June.

Brother Clos (Claes Noremark) decided to fly over to the Philippines and spend a week to meet/discuss/evaluate the next projects with the foundation boardmembers, the construction companies, DENR department of natural and ecological resources and naturally the caretakers onsite.

Landscaping - Pyramid east side in progress. Sir Roger transporting soil manually2. Landscaping - Pyramid east side in progress - waterline affected Planting. Sir Poloy planting in front of the huts in his area. Planting. Madam Dyna making cuttings from a plant for planting in other areas. Planting. Manimani cutting being planted on site. Planting. Flowers. Pathway - roof placed on pathway to minimize grass growth Maintenance - grass trimming finished Maintenance. Sir Poloy's granddaughters helping in cleaning his area2. Maintenance. Sir Raymond waxing the huts in Sir Orlan's area. Maintenance. Sir Raymond preparing floorwax and oil2. Maintenance. Sir Elmer trimming grass on pathways. Dining area post replacement in progress Fence from inside - Madre Cacao seen. finished Fence - finished

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