• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation


Since the Spiritual Inauguration took place in November 2011, the following facilities have now been built to accommodate participants for the retreat programmes:

  • the Pyramid for Light about 21×21 meters (69×69 feet) and14 meters(46 feet) high
  • 7 high-energy stations corresponding to each of the 7 Chakras and forming the “foetus shaped” Chakra Trail
  • a 3+ km surrounding trail with 13 energy points, for contemplative and silence walks
  • 44 small native bamboo houses, called “Nipa Huts”
  • 4 communal platforms for energy sharing, grounding exercises, meditation and dining
  • a sustainable environment with organic and vegetable garden
  • modern shower and toilet facilities