• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation

Pyramid Dynamics

The Pyramid form is found in several sacred buildings all over the world, among them the famous Giza Pyramids in Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Cheops was built in accordance with the divine proportions and the law of the golden ratio which follows the Fibonacci numbers, a numeric combination found in all living things.

The Pyramid for Light was built using the same ancient knowledge of sacred geometry. 

These rules of sacred Geometry are the equivalent of the law of harmony in music. We have all experienced this incredible feeling of wellness while listening to a beautiful piece of harmonic music. This is exactly what we will experience inside the Pyramid for Light: a symphony of energy.

The Pyramid for Light is both a catalyst and harmonizer between the two principles of Yin and Yang, the female and the male, the earth and the sky, the moon and the sun, the energy and matter.

Energy can’t exist without matter, and matter can’t exist unless it has energy to keep its structure.

The Pyramid for Light facilitates the perfect union between these two poles, which merging act allows the creation of a new energy of Light which nurtures the planetary grid of energy lines.