• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation


The Pyramid for Light is the realization of a constantly occurring vision, received by the Foundation´s Chairman Reverend Alex L. Orbito (Brother Aloja) since age 11.

In this vision, he saw that people entering a Pyramid would be profoundly touched and transformed by its energies and radiant Light inside.

Over time, channeled messages through Brother Aloja have been guiding the conceptualization of the Pyramid for Light, revealing its deeper meaning and purpose to become a cosmic “anchor point” on Earth. This sacred place works as a receptacle of Divine Light. It is connected to other sacred places on this planet in order to create a large planetary grid of Light to spread and sustain its beneficial rays to all living beings. Once the first Pyramid for Light is built, she will be like a mother, creating many children around the Earth to form a web of Love, Light and Healing, supporting the transformation of Mother Earth and its inhabitants in ascension to a higher vibration.

This vision became a reality through divine guidance, geo-biology, sacred geometry and the heartfelt support of hundreds of volunteers from 4 continents around the world. The Pyramid for Light celebrated its spiritual inauguration on 11.11.2011 during a solemn retreat attended by many international participants.