Dr. Francisco Barnosell, Medical doctor, investigates healing techniques.
“Healers and Doctors should work together”

Age 61, resident in Barcelona, two children.
Politics? Truth focussed. I collaborate with various clinics in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. I have come to the conclusion that we are constantly changing energies and that we must learn from this process to prevent diseases.

First hand experience:
Nine years ago, this doctor, son of a doctor, specializing in neuromuscular diagnostic techniques (electro-myography), it occurred to him to ask why some terminally ill patients given up by conventional medicine were healed by alternative medicines and decided to investigate. He travelled halfway around the world to meet shamans, mediums and healers of all kinds, worked with them and underwent the experience. He described his experiences in a blog under the pseudonym Paco Lacueva which in less than a year and received 100,000 visits and today more than 500,000. This gave birth to the book “Entre dos aguas”. “You can combine both medicines without excluding one.”


The concierge´s son had mediastinal cancer. The prognosis was six months to live.

What a start…
After a year he was doing great and lived for seven more years. He said he had been cured by a shaman. I asked his history and it was a medically unexplainable healing. It struck me so much that I started researching like crazy.

That honours you.
I have a lifetime immersed in the world of medicine, accumulated over forty years of experience, and in the world of healings I have seen unimaginable things, patients who were cured or improved through methods so rare that I did not know they existed.

You connected with mediums, healers, shamans …
Yes, and with geo-biologists, dowsing therapists, witches and people impossible to classify

That’s walking on thin ice…
We need to investigate, not to devaluate anyone because we believe they are less prepared than a physician with masters titles. Not that take everything for granted, but we need to learn to make best use of both medicines.

Tell me your experiences.
I have lived and accumulated them for nine years. Shamans and healers have allowed me to be at their side while working. I offered myself as a guinea pig several times: I lay on the operating table of a Filipino healer called Alex (70) and filmed how I was operated on a herniated disc in my vertebra with his bare hands.

You are courageous.
He put his hands in my body and pulled out a red clot. The amazing thing is that after a while I had a similar surgery in Spain for another vertebra (also filmed), and what was extracted by the orthopaedic surgeon was exactly the same as what had been removed before by the healer. Everything is posted and shown in my blog.

These things are difficult to explain.
As a doctor, for me the most incomprehensible part are distance healings: fifteen people were meditating and sending energy to another person in coma (stroke) who was at a of 10,000 km. During our distant healing, he came out of the coma. I have lived through several of such occasions, also being next to the patient.

What other fields have been investigated?
Investigating vibrations and frequencies, healing with stones which works very well with psychosomatic diseases as it releases emotional blocks.

How do you explain that?
We are energy that is transmitted through a certain chemistry. When an emotion gives abnormal signals in a patient, it can cause a blockage or accumulation, which may be the origin of a disease, an inflammation, a cyst or a tumor.

You surprise me, doctor.
Consider the chakras, meridians, the body’s energy points, the influence of electromagnetic fields and energies:  Taking all these issues into account that the conventional medicine does not consider, already opens a way to better understand the mechanisms that make us sick. Our medicine only considers the end of the process: the tumor or the sickness, but not the way it got there.

Before investigating, have you thought about these issues?
Not at all, but I did gather more than thirty documented cases of cancer healings which were given up by conventional medicine.

What was your experience with mediums?
The most spectacular I lived in my office when a patient around me began to mourn: “I just saw that you will have a very serious accident, and shortly after your son as well, but not serious.” After a week, I had a motorcycle accident which left me in a coma, and two weeks later my son had an accident.

Some mediums (and I found all kinds: amazing people, charlatans and crooks) are able to access the Akashic Records, which supposedly stores all the information of mankind.

After such an experience, you are no longer the same as before. Today I think the meaning of life is to experiment and I even consider the possibility of reincarnation to be added to this experience. There are thousands of medically documented cases of patients who have died and been revived, and have been told what happened in that trance.

What do you tell your colleagues?
In clinics where I collaborate, I have given lectures to the managers and colleagues, and I invited guest lecturers such as the geo-biologist Jean-Jacques to give demonstrations.

Sometimes we do not know what the patient has. Jean-Jacques, with his Lecher antenna, told us where to look. We did the analysis, resonance or ultrasound at that point and we found a hidden pathology.

What are your conclusions?
I hope that as time goes by, many of the things that I am investigating will not be considered so anomalous, and that healers and doctors can work together, in a symbiosis between different medicines.

LINK ENTREVISTA EN ESPAÑOL: http://www.lavanguardia.com/lacontra/20130126/54362385584/la-contra-francisco-barnosell.html

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