Dear friends,

After a rather intense 2017, the year of 2018 is presenting itself with first openings to continue exploring the new.

As I visited Brother Alex in December in the Philippines and asked him for a message to share, he only said ”PREPARE“ and pointed to the HEART. It’s a simple and meaningful gesture to tell us that the key to healing lays hidden in the heart.
The moment we learn to vibrate with our hearts intelligence, both our mind and physical body automatically aligns and heals as a natural result. Scientific researches have now confirmed that the heart is literally our central brain of health and well-being, a statement many intuitively felt since a longer time.

As humans we have gradually lost connection with this innate capacity which unlimited resources can be activated and harnessed through a supportive unifying field based on trust and compassion. A wise sage once said “the sickening process is individual but the healing process is a collective one“. This new path is not a highway characterised by routine and speed, but instead an explorative one that asks for the opening of our inner senses. We like to take this direction, where we invite you to walk together to learn to self-heal in a safe and supportive environment.

To facilitate this journey, we will start in 2018 with the introduction of:

• Healing Activation days with a programme developed to re-connect with our healing capacity in which we integrate the heart opening through spiritual healing with Joseph Calano (initiated by Brother Alex) to stimulate this self-empowering process.

• Continuous Unity Circle groups in the following months to further develop, anchor and amplify the healing energies. These gatherings will have a gradual build-up in experiencing, learning and exploring the energies that occur when bonding in a collective field that vibrates with the heart’s energy.

The first places where we will explore these healing activation days and the continuous circle groups will be in Switzerland (Febr. 4/5 info at: and the Netherlands (Febr. 11/12 info at: A simple model will be introduced to measure the individual health progress, which information will serve to learn, improve and expand to other European countries starting June and July 2018.

It’s the same legacy that Brother Alex as well as the Pyramid for Light have shown us all along through the powerful mantra „united in love and light, everything is possible“. In this respect, we were given an instant proof recently as we witnessed a spontaneous cure during our last retreat at the Pyramid for Light: a participant (Nathalie) stumbled in agony to the crown chakra platform to attend the group meditation and walked away painless, without any walking assistance.

Talking about the programmes in the Philippines and in response to the growing requests, we decided to organise an advanced healing seminar in the Philippines with Joseph Calano, titled „in the footsteps of the Traditional Philippine Healers“. This intensive 3-week programme from April 21 – May 12, is geared towards participants who wish to become healers in the traditional Philippine healing methods and is only accessible to those who previously attended level 1 and 2. Further information is enclosed.

The Easter Healing Seminar will traditionally focus on (self) healing teachings alongside spiritual healing sessions to remove energetic blockages, in preparation of the spiritual and optional silence retreat at the Pyramid for Light from March 24 – April 8 or 15. More information is viewable at:


With love and in unity,

Marika / Maraja in co-creation with the different teams

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