• Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the new energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided from the beginning as a catalyst in this process on both an individual and collective level. Through our spiritual unity, we can all support the Earth´s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings.

    Rev. Alex Orbito
    Pyramid for Light Foundation
  • United in Love and Light, everything is possible

    Build a Pyramid of Light on this holy land, trust and follow the divine guidance. There will be many obstacles but always remember: United in Love and Light, everything is possible.

    White Lady
    Channeled message from
    White Lady (Spirit)

Pyramid for Light

Join me for the Global Pyramid Conference Oct 22-24

Mysteries of the Pyramids Unveiled at the
Global Pyramid Conference Online

The Enigmatic Pyramid Has a Hidden History and
Much Applicable Knowledge for Today


View my appearance about the PYRAMID FOR LIGHT ON OCTOBER 24 at 9 am CST (4 pm CET)

The existence of pyramids worldwide has long been an enigma stirring humanity to search deep into its ancient origins. The mysteries of the pyramids are many. Common answers to these mysteries do not always satisfy the curious. Our 3 day-long Global Pyramid Conference features special guest presenters Marika Verheijen, Brahmarshi Patriji, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Michael Feeley,  Rohit Sewnath, Valery Uvarov and more will share curiosity-quelling details from their many years of research, insight and knowledge about the worldwide pyramid phenomena.


From Bosnia, Egypt to the Philippines, from the ancient land of the Maya to the ancient land of Atlantis and throughout the globe, pyramids vary in size, shape, building materials and structure. Yet there are many similarities as well.


Join me and our hosts, PSSM Global founder Pari Patri and Global Pyramid Network founder, Marta Thomas plus more speakers for a deep dive into understanding the mystical powers of pyramids. 



Walking the Path

A virtual Journey to the Pyramid for Light

11 sessions; every other week from January 25 to June 21, 2021

Parcourir le chemin

Un voyage virtuel vers la Pyramide de lumière

11 sessions – une semaine sur deux du 25 janvier au 21 juin 2021


11.11 2020

The video of the 9th year meeting after 11.11.11 is available here:

MONDAY JULY 20, 2020

Thank you for sharing with us such a precious moment to commemorate the life and work of our dear Brother Alex Orbito.

A short version (1h23m) of the Homage is available here:

The Pyramid for Light, inaugurated on 11-11-11, is the realisation of a vision received by the Foundation´s Chairman Reverend Alex L. Orbito to elevate the planetary energy grid in support of the Earth’s ascension.

The heart of the Pyramid for Light is a unique crossing of a vortex with sacred, silver, golden and platinum Earth energy or ley-lines which is highly exceptional. Next to the Pyramid, seven energy points were detected each vibrating on a different colour, representing the seven chakras of the human body.

This sacred land offers:

  • the Pyramid of Light
  • 7 high-energy chakra stations
  • a 3+ km surrounding trail with 13 energy points, for contemplative and silence walks
  • 44 native “Nipa Huts” bamboo houses
  • 4 platforms, for meditation, grounding exercises, energy sharing and dining
  • a sustainable environment with organic and vegetable garden
  • shower and toilet facilities

  • Location

    Located on a major earth energy centre, the 14 meter high Pyramid for Light has been built through divine guidance, geo-biology, sacred geometry and with the heartfelt support of hundreds of volunteers from 21 countries around the world.