Message from the White Lady or Lady of Light:

Its time to tell you who I am.
I am the Mother of the Light of this Planet Earth.
After millions of years, finally the Light can come out of this place [Cave] to bring the light to this planet. This Pyramid is very very very important, you do not yet know how blessed you all are to be choosen for this task. This Pyramid will become my Home, the Light of this Pyramid will create a new Planet (Marika: you mean new life on this planet or a new planet and she replied: a new Planet). (more…)

1 ) Progress

– Permits, insurance and guarantees: 100% completed
– Temporary Field Facilities: 80% completed
– Measurement / Field layout : 100% completed
– Cleaning, grubbing and gradings: 20% completed
– Trimming, removal and occasional cutting trees: 100% completed (more…)

Nous avons pris en compte les points suivants :

1. quel type d’énergie peut canaliser la pyramide (Nadia)
2. l’impact de la pyramide sur la planète terre (Carmen)
3. le devenir de la pyramide sur le plan social (Bénédicte)
4. Quelle est l’énergie de guérison disponible à travers la pyramide (Lydia)
5. le devenir de la pyramide sur le plan humain et karmique à long terme (Claudine)
6. l’énergie transformatrice à disposition (Pasqua) (more…)

Project Description

Location: Barangay San Pedro, City of Mabini, Pangasinan
Local consultant & construction supervision: ACO Consulting Engineering
Architecture: Philippine Green Building Council (PHGBC) and Ecotektonica Inc. (ECOT)
Contractor: MCL Construction Company Inc.
Construction Start Date: May 2, 2011
End of Contract: October 28, 2011 (more…)

Last week, we ended the seminar followed by the heart and healing tour in the Philippines and as always, many developments and happenings took place.