1 – Work Progress

– Slowdown of the work this week due to intense rains in the Philippines, where during the days June 20-21 and 24-25 onsite construction work was not possible (more…)

Dear Brother Alex,

It was really Great Moment with Good Luck and Hapiness to meet you at the Festive Jazz Concert at the Prague Castle on Sunday 19th June 2011 for the occassion of the Birthday celebration of the President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Klaus.
Kindly accept few photos covering nice atmosphere of the evening.
Wishing you all the best with the Pyramid for Light Foundation and looking forward to meet you soon. (more…)

Please see below the picture from our meeting tonight in Montréal where we discussed the inauguration facilities, as Sylvie is leaving for Manila this weekend.
We had a nice picnic in a beautiful little park. We shared about P4L and the Inauguration in a lovely spirit for all of us. We could feel Joy and the connection between us and support for Sylvie, DDteam, Irene, Precioso, Zeny, Orlando, Romeo, Alex, you, ACO, MCL and others who work around the P4L.
We chanted 3 Ohms together before leaving this beautiful place to unit all Energy in ONE. (more…)

1 – Work Progress

– Progress in the ground compaction of the Chakra path by 85%, excavation by 95% and development Chakra stations by 90%.
– Additional workers in carpentry and general construction have been added to the team (more…)

My name is Catherine and I lived in Caen in Normandy. I recently discovered your project through a colleague in bio-energy.

On the video showing the path of the seven chakras, it is referred to the drawing of a foetus. For me, it clearly represents the drawing of an ear which is related again to a foetus. By viewing the plan, it is even possible that the points representing the chakras perfectly coincide with the acupuncture points on the human ear. Knowing that each chakra also is linked to a sound (the seven chakras correspond to the seven notes of the major scale), I wondered if this sound dimension was included in this project. (more…)

1 – Work progress

– Safety: 90%
– Excavation of the Pyramid: 90%, Chakra path: 70% and toilets: 25%
– Advancement of 5% in civil works

2 – Completed Tasks

1 – Work progress

– Mobilization: 90%, with 28 employees and contractor
– Local Permits: 90%
– Safety measurements: 80%
– Cleaning, cutting and grading: 30-45% for road, parking and toilets, and 90-95% for the Pyramid and path of the Chakras
– Excavation of the pyramid: 65% and chakras: 45% (more…)

Jeden Montag treffen wir uns um zu Meditieren, dabei sind wir in Gedanken bei der Pyramide des Lichts und schicken Energie und Licht, damit wir Alex und sein Team bei der Umsetzung unterstützen. (more…)

1 – Work in progress

Mobilization: 75%, with 28 employees and contractor
Local licenses: 85%
Security: 55%
Cleaning, cutting and grading: 20-35% for road, parking and toilets, and 85-90% for the Pyramid and path of the Chakras
Excavation of the pyramid: 35% (more…)