Chakras Stations:
1. Gravel bedding and compacting at chakras station 5 slab completed while at chakras station 1 slab gravel bedding works still on going.
2. Installation of double bamboo reinforcements for slabs at chakras station 5 completed while at station 1 on going.
3. Gravel bedding and compacting at chakras station 6 slab completed, ready for bamboo installation. (more…)

At first I found myself into a space where a beautiful feminine energy, glowing with transparent and white light, was coming towards me. Then I saw she had her feet on the earth and she began to grow so that finally, her head reached the cosmos though she kept her feet on the earth. I was trying to figure out what it meant when I saw that fountains of milk from her breasts kept pouring down to the earth. I could feel an incredible sensation of abundance, nurturing and love and at the same time a kind of determination and strength. (more…)

1. Completed the installation of formworks at station no. 6 and no.7 ready for concreting.
2. Completed concreting of pedestal at station nos. 1 and 5.
3. Completed installation of formworks of pedestal at station no. 7.
4. In progress of backfilling works with mixed gravel in preparation for concreting of slab at station no.5. (more…)

1. In progress of maintenance of earth canal along the Chakras.
2. Continuous breaking of tie beams at the stations 2 and 3. (more…)

1. No activity.

Toilets & Showers
1. Continuous fabrication of rebars. (more…)

Rev. Elizabeth Alexander of the Interfaith Spiritual Church and her daughter Alexandria from the United States were thrilled to attend the AMA Healing Seminar in the Philippines April 19-29th, 2011.

They wrote:
“We are big supporters of the Pyramid for Light and actually slept in the cave overnight with 80 people from around the world. Alexandria is only 3 years old but got to experience the miracles and healings of Rev. Alex Orbito with the group” (more…)