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Sir Roger, Sir Poloy and Sir Elmer, P4L caretakers and Sir Isong and Sir Elias, MCL staff. Water pump testing ongoing but the pump must be manually pumped first before water comes out. Installation of elbow in pump‘s tube successful. Water starts coming out.




Yesterday morning at sunrise, our brother Aloja together with the caretakers and the “tuberos” (local water specialists) gathered for a collective prayer and ceremony at the Pyramid for Light asking Mother Earth and the Element of Water to emerge. The energies of our collective meditation and prayer from us all around the world was a powerful and strong support before they started to dig.


Dr. Francisco Barnosell, Medical doctor, investigates healing techniques.
“Healers and Doctors should work together”

Age 61, resident in Barcelona, two children.
Politics? Truth focussed. I collaborate with various clinics in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. I have come to the conclusion that we are constantly changing energies and that we must learn from this process to prevent diseases.

First hand experience:
Nine years ago, this doctor, son of a doctor, specializing in neuromuscular diagnostic techniques (electro-myography), it occurred to him to ask why some terminally ill patients given up by conventional medicine were healed by alternative medicines and decided to investigate. He travelled halfway around the world to meet shamans, mediums and healers of all kinds, worked with them and underwent the experience. He described his experiences in a blog under the pseudonym Paco Lacueva which in less than a year and received 100,000 visits and today more than 500,000. (more…)

Je t’envoie ce texte que j’ai écrit; en remerciement de tout ce que nous avons partagé et vécu là bas. Nous nous joignons à vous pour la méditation de la découverte de la source. Source de vie, source d’une nouvelle énergie, qui arrose la terre de ces bienfaits,et qui lave les souffrances des êtres.
I am sending you this text in gratitude for everything we shared et lived at the Pyramid for Light. We will unite in prayer for the source of water, source of life, source of a new energy which fertlilizes the lands and which washes away the suffering of beings. (more…)