Growing together in the Light of the Heart
Dear Self of Light, dear Guides,
Thank you for your presence at the opening of this inspired writing phase…

Dear Sister and Brother of Light,
As you all know, our Planet is in full mutation to say the least… being engaged into an unprecedented phase of transformation and alongside we journey with her to the Light. We are invited to participate consciously in the new frequency rise that is offered to us. Yet every day brings us its share of more darkened news. So what is happening?
Since we have left our bond of Unity with the Source to live a long journey in a “contracted” consciousness, each one experiences the choices of the ego while assuming its consequences. These are expressed in feelings of loneliness, fear in all its forms, suffering and its cohort of distortions, all linked to separation. Today we have the opportunity to change all this by resuming our journey back to Unity.
Of course, some of us still ignore to be part of the Children of Light, that we are brothers and sisters from the same Source. They thus prevent themselves from realizing that they possess by “birth-right” all the virtues offered by God, and that they are infinitely loved. When we refuse or ignore the light, we choose to live in the shadow and to even seek it in the most extreme distortions. We see it every day in the violent parts of the news. At the same time, we are invited to avoid judging ourselves and judging others, for our neighbour is simply our mirror. (more…)