Dearest Friends,

Many warm greetings to you all in this colorful autumn season.

A few weeks ago, we received the following message from Alain Clement who joined us at one of the healing days at Capoue in France at the end of July. Alain was scheduled to undergo a total hip operation as he was in constant pain and agony and could hardly walk anymore. Yet he also knew that the operation was risky due to his heart condition. Below he shares what happened to him since:

 “As promised, I am sending you some news which is very positive; the total hip replacement surgery was cancelled to the great surprise of my surgeon who called me on the phone (the first time this has happened to him!). I have very little pain and even though I still have minor difficulty in walking and driving on bad roads, I have regained my autonomy and that is the main thing. Thank you all !!! In peace and unity. Alain” (more…)