Last week, we ended the seminar followed by the heart and healing tour in the Philippines and as always, many developments and happenings took place.

The great news:
Construction of the Pyramid for Light has started on May 2nd!

Below you will find the latest news and happenings:

Channeled Messages

The White Lady entered into our brother Alex on several occasions whereby she mentioned that this would be the last (seminar?) group to enter inside the Cave. She said that the group has helped to allow for her Light to come out of the Cave into the World. The Pyramid for Light will be her new home to spread the Light. She also said that from now on, she will enter less into the body of our brother and that we all need to prepare ourselves for the times of change and transformation.
The constant message refers to maintain our spiritual UNITY.

DD Team and progress construction

The entire DD team has worked intensively with the different people and partners involved in Manila, onsite in Mabini and elsewhere.
The bidding company MCL with Jerry Lopez as director has been chosen as construction partner as their bid was the best in terms of quality/price/proximity/efficiency. Jerry was able to view the film made by Ludovic and is aware of the spiritual aspect and divine components in this project. The contract signing was held in presence of most seminar participants on April 28 with one central white chair in the middle representing the energy of the White Lady! Enclosed you will see some photos of the group and the contract signing.

Pyramid material and elements

The DD team is still studying the several options for the pillar material where a final decision will be made by May 12. Due to the recent log ban on wood, the local prices have increased a lot and for this reason, the DD team is also looking into imported wood. Every option is being validated in terms of termite resistance (and treatment) with providers longterm guarantee and accountability, energies / ecological, pricing, quality, weather resistance, life span, transport, permits and delivery.
After having consulted the White Lady in a recent channeling, the following decisions were made for the elements inside the Pyramid:
– Water bassin and white platform in the center of the Pyramid (instead of egg)
– The archangels stones and central heart stone will be placed on and inside the central glass ring
– The Yin stone will be placed in the center below of the Pyramid and the Yan stone will be placed in the top of the Pyramid.
– The star of 15 branches which will have its completion on 11.11.11 will be placed as energy points around the Pyramid

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