There is much more to The Pyramid for Light. For instance its effect on the sacred energy levels is already worldwide. It can be measured by any dowser/diviner who knows what he/she is looking for. And this is just the effect of the intention of building The Pyramid for Light. At the completion of building process and especially after the Inauguration, The Pyramid for Light will unfold its true and full potential and will be one of the strongest energetic Holy Places on earth. It will intensify and increase the total amount of energy of the Planetary Grid. How is this possible, how does it work and what am I talking about?
Let’s start with the location of the The Pyramid for Light. On this website there is a chapter Gallery in which you can find Maps. The maps below are copied from here:

Map 1 and 2:

Above the original maps is stated very coolly “Energy lines before invocation” and for map 2 “Energy lines after invocation”. What happened during the invocation is totally mind-blowing!
On map 1 you see 3 crosses; the left one is a crossing of ley lines, which are very harmonious energy/information lines. The middle cross consists of Sacred energy lines. These are the energy lines one finds at sacred sites all over the world. The main information of these lines is empowerment, strength. The Golden lines make the next cross. Their main energy is protection. Between the last 2 crosses you see a vortex point. This is a vertical line along which energy is moving, see photo below.

Instead of water, energy is moving either upwards or downwards. The chance of finding all of these energy lines close together is very, very remote. The chance of finding such powerful lines together is almost nil. And then- see map 2 they are suddenly displaced, and all with the vortex, centered at a single point, and the Golden line now covers the Sacred line. Impossible! Never heard of! This is totally new!
Now we move on to the next “first”. Below the energy lines you see 7 coloured dots. These are chakra points. Finding 7 very powerful chakra points so close together is also new. In Egypt it takes hundreds of miles along river Nile to find such points. Here they are together in a small field. Unbelievable!
The Pyramid for Light is build in accordance with the law of the golden ratio and the divine proportions. This means that this pyramid will be a tremendously strong amplifier and intensifier of the energies within it. And as we now know what those energies are -see map2-, it can literally blow your mind. That is why the designers have created a path through the chakra points, to prepare the visitor for the The Pyramid for Light. The picture below is not a fantasy at all, it is just too conservative in showing the full extent of the pyramids energy.

Map 3:

The Pyramid for Light will also intensify the ley lines and as these lines cover hundred or some even thousands of miles, they will cross the energy lines of The Planetary Grid system. All ley lines lead to The Planetary Grid, the primary light and energy matrix, creating, enveloping, and maintaining planet Earth.
This is the matrix of cosmic energy around the world and is the spiritual link for the blending of cosmic and terrestrial energies in Humanity. See map3 below. The Grid connects all Sacred Places-natural and manmade-, with each other. 3,300 ancient sacred sites have been discovered on The Grid so far and there are probably many more. (See So what we have here is an ancient wisdom connecting with modern wisdom.

And now The Pyramid for Light is adding its colossal energy to the energies of The Grid. It is therefore that the The Pyramid for Light will help Humanity with Its Ascension process.
Map 4 shows the energy lines of The Pyramid for Light (yellow) and where these lines cross the lines of The Planetary Grid. On 19o5, latitudes the incoming and outgoing energies are stronger than average.
Map 4 shows the lines of map 3 in a more refined way. Becker of Becker-Hagens, the creators of The Planetary Grid, developed a program for Google Earth, which shows all the energy lines of The Planetary Grid on Google Earth.

Map 4:

Peter J. van Driel, born in the Netherland, dedicated most of his professional career to export management & business after his MBA university studies. In the year 2000 he changed course completely as he could not combine his daily work with his spirituality anymore. He thus decided to make his hobby, geo-biology, dowsing and metaphysics, his profession. Now he has his own company Helmar Meetdienst that is specialized in harmonizing chakra-energies in houses, schools, food factories, shops and offices. As such he works closely together with doctors, therapists and scientists.

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