Dear Friend Alex Orbito,

Unfortunately I can not be present myself, Maria Jo Bilasano will come
instead of me. She will read my letter to you and will wish you a very
Happy Birthday on behalf of The International Academy of Kindness, may
you have good health and a lot of energy. After we met on 12.11.2011
and you blessed us, we had a meeting with sisters of the President of the Philippines. We
told them about you, the Pyramid of Light of Kindness and sent your
love and blessing to the President’s family on your behalf.

God lives in every person’s heart. Every time people look for God
outside themselves and have endless conversations with him. Some ask
God to protect them, to give them health and money. Other people are
grateful. So people have this never ending dialogue – prayer. People
who stopped believing in God want proof that God is. They are like
Doubting Thomases trying to put their fingers in God’s wound to make
sure. It does not help because the truth is sacred. It gets revealed
to kind and grateful people. Such people become initiated. Healers are
initiated and you, Alex Orbito, are one of the few.
You have been performing the exploit of healing for decades. The
things you do are the direct manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The
main difficulty for a healer is impossibility to help people who are
not initially grateful and who think that a wonder can be bought. A
healer can give, can help but can a person in need accept that help?
That is the main issue. Ability to accept is a personal issue, issue
of a human’s freedom. As freedom is given by God and a healer’s truth
is sacred, it becomes a point when people come, look at what a healer
does and they cannot see. They listen and cannot hear. They want to
understand but they are not able to. Here works a law of Karma. People
can change a lot in themselves, they can change their disbelief to
accept a gift and be cured.
The majority of healers live in the Philippines because the
Philipinos are a nation of Kindness and Gratitude. The Philipinos are
children by nature. They look like children and worship the Divine
Child, Holy Mary or Motherhood in other words. This remarkable purity
of faith lets healers be demanded and kept going inspire of
civilization taking over the Philippines more and more.
There are healers in every nation. Way before medical institutions
there had been soul healers, people with remarkable talents multiplied
by highest sensitivity and intuition. It is like a talent or genius.
It can not be explained.
Healing is a heavy cross. When you know that you can help and stretch
a hand to people they cannot take it. They want to buy it or negotiate
it, though all they need is a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for a
great manifestation of the Holy Spirit. There are thousands of wonders
healings Christian Churches are proud of but when the Holy Spirit
manifests through healers it is doubted. Who said that the Holy Spirit
can act only in a church? Is It not free? Does it depend on people?
The Holy Spirit chooses how it will show and help people. When It
chooses a person they become a healer.
Alex Orbito, you are one of those who bear this great and heavy cross.
My gratitude to you is endless. The International Academy of Kindness
awards you with a diploma and a bronze bust which you are installing
today, the 5th of November 2011.
Arrogance of a human mind is endless. It stops people seeing, hearing
and understanding what healing is. And a healer must courageously help
people and witness Holy Spirit.
Medicine and Church, which see healers as competitors, bow to The
Golden Calf. They do everything to nip healing in the bud but it is
the same as to kill love because healing is love of God to the people.

Sculptor Gregory Pototsky
President of The International Academy of Kindness

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