I know to whom I am speaking so we understand the quiet blessedness that has been flowering in all of us, motivating and orchestrating our consciousness to attend the inauguration. As quiet bearers of light we, I, pursue my calling with so much more INSIGHT and unconditional love.

The White Lady has been touching me for three years, now I know, through one of her children, Sylvie Parent who has been sitting with me in meditation and intuitive development. And without a dought must state that the grace that she has bestowed to me, ”The White Lady”, to be the carrier of the blue saphire that has been placed in the west door was done because I along with the fellow students, have loved and nourished Sylvie in her quest to pursue her calling with the P4L. For our carring of her child, she has allowed us to be physicaly imbeded into the history of the Philippines Pyramid.

The transformative energies accumulated have been surging through all that I do as a Minister and spiritualist reverend here in Canada. The groups who study with me have been energized by the inauguration. With hundreds accross Canada who connected at the moment of light infusion, Grandfather Alex has ushered in through the symbol of Pyramid the link to belief in ourselves as a community and belief that we coexist within a multiplicity of universes.

To have witnessed Sai Baba.’s attention to Grandfather while he was praying and meditating, to witness the likes of Jesus walk with a gentle stride through the nippa huts and touch some peoplelike Joerg, or Mathatma Gandi to repose his energies over Jean-Jacques not to mention countless other manifestations, has strenghthened my consciousness that I, that we, were Divinely directed to be gathered together.
I come back home, renewed and refreshed, sending blessings dayly to Grandfather, you, the pilars and the brothers and sisters who are ONE.

Peter, in his calculations and explanations of the increasing energies states that, consciously and UNconsciously, we are moved. this included those who were in attendance at the pyramid who may have been seeking rather than offering. So, all that this means is that some of us have been watered by a wholy hand without being aware of it, but will none the less flower as divine grace sees fit.

It is without expectations or demands that I remain a candle at the disposal of the Light workers of the heaven world and Grandfather Alex.

If my prayers can at any time be used please call on me. I will be in meditation on the dates that the White Lady has asked us to along with those who will accept to join me.

May we recognise the everlasting truth that Divine Will always has, and always will be manifest.

Einstein said something like, ”knowledge is derived from experience, anything else is just information” I am honnoured to have experienced.

Andre, Mr. Canada : )

Sai Ram

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