Despite the fact that I did not attend physically this inauguration in the Philippines, I participated in the invisible, during a meditation at the Inter-faith Spiritual Church in North Hatley (Quebec), Canada.

Two people, when they came back from their trip, asked me for information about Melchizedek, without knowing that I already had some background information on the subject. In addition to providing this information, I have the following supplement that may have an interest not only for them, but also for all those who did that initiatory journey.

What I have to transmit today is an important channelling received on December 23d, 2011, in our church of North Hatley. The medium and the entity names are not important, only the message should be considered. This message, you may accept it, or reject it. Up to you. My only job is to transmit.

For many years, I have had an interest in Melchizedek and, more recently, in the Vortex or energy centers that multiply on the earth.
I asked the question whether the Pyramid for light in the Philippines had a link with Melchizedek. Here is the answer…
” Yes, the geographical location of this place was to reunite all the pillars that correspond to 12th dimension.
The entity asks me a question … For the 12 dimensions in it, which is the energy that unifies all these 12 dimensions?
I answered … Melchizedek.
Yes, by the virtues of each of these pillars of energy… this is why each of those persons who were present in this place… and that will be present in this place…
have received and will receive a small infinity of the unified energy drop of Melchizedek, because his virtue is to unify the Vortexes of the 12 dimensions.
The Pyramid in the Philippines is connected to several vortexes (in some churches especially), vortexes which are on the same frequency, the same vibration. There are a multitude of Vortexes for different things on the planet. That of the Pyramid, not the Pyramid itself, but by its presence in the land of what this place is, namely, the continent of Atlantis. It simply acts as a pillar to assemble the energies, for assembling the Vortexes – not necessarily the Pyramid in itself, but the place.
Melchizedek is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is infinite, vast.
God does not manifest itself directly to Humans on earth, but He sends the Holy Spirit.
Melchizedek is the unification of the global mutidimentional spirituality.
Melchizedek is the infinite Ocean where everything is just ONE, in absolute terms of the absolute.
He is the top floor of the “house”. Currently he is to unify all dimensions as low or high they are. The total unification and globalization of the whole creation – the Energy – just the absolute, the absolutely great.
Now, nobody on earth represents Melchizedek. He appears, at times, if necessary, taking a body that he creates for the occasion, accomplishes its mission, then leaves. (This is what happened with Abraham, Noah, Adam, Jesus, etc.). Many great masters have come out of Melchizedek. Of this unifying energy. The unification of all.
If Melchizedek was manifested in its entirety, it would be the total destruction of the material. No material can withstand such a powerful Energy.
Melchizedek is the Unified Energy of all the dimensions of the creation. That is the entity of Melchizedek… ”
Clearly, Melchizedek is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. His mission is to unify the 12 dimensions. The Pyramid for Light that is on an ancient site of the Atlantis (the Atlantis was on the whole earth at some distant time), was built on an important point to unify all these 12 dimensions.

Those who had the privilege to be at this place received the « Divine grace » – that is a small droplet of the energy of Melchizedek, of the Holy Spirit and, according to me, this is a great gift of God. Because for a time, it used to be only the masters who received that « grace » for a particular mission.
Here is the essence of what I had to transmit to you.
In all humility,
Denis Marcil, Reverend at the Inter-faith Spiritual Church.

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