As has been discussed in The Energetic Hologram of the P4L there exists a 144-grid hologram connecting all on the site of the P4L. And through the Sacred Forms in this hologram the Pyramid connects to all Sacred Sites. What would a 144-grid hologram look like?

In the Sacred Geometry there is a form that has 12 sides, the dodecahedron. We will stick to the basic forms of the Sacred Geometry, the so-called Platonic Solids although there are probably 26 forms in total. From the Solids the dodecahedron is chosen, due to its property of 12 sides.
So if one constructs 12 dodecahedrons and put them together by overlapping each other a 12×12 = 144-grid hologram will be shown. By giving each dodecahedron a specific colour and size, extra power and harmony will be obtained.
For drawing Sacred Forms one uses the Fruit of Life. (see below)

Below is the result of 12 overlapping dodecahedrons, the 144-grid hologram.

The energy emitted by this hologram is quite powerful and totally in balance.
For those of you who would like to use the energy for i.e. informing your drinking water, you can copy the image below. In this image the Sanjeevini emission sign has surrounded the 144-grid hologram.

Haarlem, May 2013
Peter van Driel

Geo-Biologist (Netherlands)


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