Growing together in the Light of the Heart
Dear Self of Light, dear Guides,
Thank you for your presence at the opening of this inspired writing phase…

Dear Sister and Brother of Light,
As you all know, our Planet is in full mutation to say the least… being engaged into an unprecedented phase of transformation and alongside we journey with her to the Light. We are invited to participate consciously in the new frequency rise that is offered to us. Yet every day brings us its share of more darkened news. So what is happening?
Since we have left our bond of Unity with the Source to live a long journey in a “contracted” consciousness, each one experiences the choices of the ego while assuming its consequences. These are expressed in feelings of loneliness, fear in all its forms, suffering and its cohort of distortions, all linked to separation. Today we have the opportunity to change all this by resuming our journey back to Unity.
Of course, some of us still ignore to be part of the Children of Light, that we are brothers and sisters from the same Source. They thus prevent themselves from realizing that they possess by “birth-right” all the virtues offered by God, and that they are infinitely loved. When we refuse or ignore the light, we choose to live in the shadow and to even seek it in the most extreme distortions. We see it every day in the violent parts of the news. At the same time, we are invited to avoid judging ourselves and judging others, for our neighbour is simply our mirror.
For when we accept to turn our view towards the Source, we discover that we are ALL magnificent Beings. We note with wonder the beautiful thoughts, words and actions that blossom every billion seconds on our Mother Earth! We find that many of us can be full of care for their Brothers and Sisters, willing to help those who are suffering, listening, understanding and be compassionate. We abandon the illusions and the vast nightmare to which we have so long granted credit, for we ourselves are the authors of our reality… And we discover the REAL world as it was created, Love and Light.
We form a wonderful soul family around Brother Alex / Aloja. A thousand thanks for his inspiring guidance. With all close friends who are vibrating on this accord, we have chosen to participate actively in the awakening of Humanity. Most of us have known each other for many life times. This is an immense privilege but also a great responsibility, both personally and collectively. Personally because we are all actors and none of us can shortcut his/her journey back to the allegiance with God. Collectively, because God is simply ONE and He extends Himself through the Children of Light that we all are. He loves us all infinitely and takes us into His arms unconditionally as soon as we turn to Him.
Thousands of families like ours are now awakening and rising to form an immense web of Light on Earth! Let us become aware of this extraordinary momentum and the JOY of sharing this Unity of Love. Let us see the Source’s flame deposited in the sacred inner space of each person, regardless of his/her behaviour. For when our eyes reflect the light that we see in our neighbour’s heart, we offer him/her the most beautiful of gifts. We become the mirror of the other’s inner beauty, which is often being hided from themselves and others. Through our eyes’ reflection, we allow the other to reveal their most beautiful brilliance at their own pace.

Our mission is to activate the Pyramid of Light, whose potential to support transformations on Mother Earth is extraordinary. The Pyramid of Light is both external and internal, and as such it is located in the Divine space of our heart, and can be carried and lived by us in everyday life wherever we are. Our attitude of devotion is the key to the personal and collective success of our sacred mission.
On the planet, this holy place is located near Mabini in the Philippines. It has exceptional symbols, energy and radiation capacity in the service of the Great Work that is committed. To succeed, we are all invited to further activate this place through our conscience, which shows our sacred role. Some of us have had the privilege of going there to live a beautiful group sharing. Many others are called to walk in places that resonate with its vibration, or simply by staying at home. Symbols are universal, space and time are illusions. The Pyramid is simply the symbol of the transformations that we engage in our daily lives, where we live and with the people we meet!
In its concrete expression, the site symbolically comprises two complementary zones. First, on the arrival side with its daily life’s dining, washing and resting areas. Located further up are the sacred spaces with the grounding, meditation and energy platforms, the chakra trail and finally the Pyramid. This gradation towards the Divine is quite voluntary and was guided by the Spirit of the place, the White / Light Lady, throughout the project and its realization. It is an immense privilege to walk the chakra trail either consciously or through distant meditation, as it represents our initiation to connect with our inner light.
On our journey, we greet first the Father tree and its celestial crown, then we connect our roots with the Mother tree, at the foot of which we proceed the purification process by washing our feet. After that, on the first part of the path, we are invited to liberate ourselves through 3 symbolic gates. In passing the first, we free our PHYSICAL tensions and welcome the energies of Serenity. At the second gate, we leave our fears and our EMOTIONAL contractions to connect with Peace. And at the third gate, just before the first chakra station, we release our conflicts, distortions and MENTAL tensions to enter into the LOVE consciousness.
After these cleansings, we are ready to nurture our inner rainbow, which extends from our basin to our head, in resonance with the chakra stations. We begin our meditative journey with the anchoring red, followed by the dynamic orange, the radiant yellow, the green of love and balance, the blue of listening and expression, the indigo of the right vision, and the violet of our Divine Child’s crown.
Once we have gone through the whole Chakra trail, we are invited to live the feast of spiritual baptism. This purification by the sacred water prepares us for the passage of the SOUL’s door. Beyond the violet chakra, the path continues towards the entrance of what is called “the Pink Point”. Here, we free ourselves from any sense of separation to allow for the communion consciousness through the triple flame’s energies and with the blessing of the Spirit guide JELO. The great Sacred Heart tree, located just above, stands out and radiates wisdom and strength. At this tree, we open ourselves to the kingdoms of the Animals, the Minerals, the Elementals and the Spirits of Nature.
We are now ready to enter the holy space of the Pyramid. Uniting all the frequencies, it radiates a magnificent white light in which we engage ourselves. Behind us is Raphael. We prostrate to thank the energies of Mother Earth. Then we stand up, our arms lifted to heaven to express our gratitude to the energies of the Heavenly Father. We will be led to walk in a circle passing by
the four pillars of the Pyramid. Each pillar represents one of the Elements of Nature, and emanates a strong vibration … The foundations during the works were blessed by the design team’s members (DD Team) with water consecrated by Brother Aloja in the King’s room of the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt. Each pillar contains three interlaced bamboos at its entire length to channel the Life energies between Heaven and Earth. Inside the foot of each pillar, a sacred stone has been sealed at the base of the three bamboos to connect with the corresponding Elements’ frequencies.
The first pillar to our right at the northeast is AIR. Turning counterclockwise, we then encounter successively EARTH to the northwest, FIRE to the southwest, and WATER to the southeast. As we pass these pillars, they feed us with their vibrations, and we feed them in return. The four angles unite at the top towards ETHER, which represents the awakened consciousness.
Four Archangels guard the four sides of the Pyramid. Holy stones in the shape of a lingam, each vibrating in the corresponding energy, are inserted in the ground in the middle of each side. As we pass, we turn to the outside, make a short stop to greet the Archangel, and send the energy received to the whole world… The first guard that welcomes us to the north is MICHAEL, who helps us to bear virtues often forgotten: rigor and discernment. The next Archangel in the west is URIEL who lavishes wisdom and intuition, then to the south GABRIEL who supports receptivity and transmission, and to the east facing the entrance RAPHAËL who bathes us in the energies of care and healing towards the Self.
After sharing all these virtues with our planet Gaia, we turn to the center and its Immaculate Ray. From the confines of the Universe, this ray passes through the apex of the Pyramid where the sacred FATHER stone is located and through the Shekinah, the heart on the ground where the sacred MOTHER stone is located to join the Earth’s core for its global radiation. We ask the Holy Spirit to support us on the way with the help of METATRON, the Prince of the Archangels, assisted by all the realms of the worlds of Light.
In the blessings of the source and with immense gratitude, I wish you dear Sister, dear Brother, to live consciously these magnificent moments of the ONE communion.

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