Dearest Friends,

Begin by loving yourself and you will know how to love others”, is a simple but meaningful phrase Brother Alex/Aloja often repeated. In a similar way, life’s journey often teaches us how the healer outside eventually forms the catalyst to discover the healer within.

During our last stay in the Philippines, we embraced both elements combining the healing seminar with the retreat and optional silence week at the Pyramid for Light. The feedbacks we are receiving based on the evaluation forms of more than half of the participants, are simply overwhelming. To quote a few sentences:

“The feelings of brotherhood, unity and universal love are carried to such a degree and intensity that are exceptional in my existence” Philippe (France)

“ The time spent at the Pyramid for Light was life transformative” Anna (Germany)

“This experience has changed my life and I can now even say that I am enjoying being loved for the first time since 32 years and more than that, I am realising that universal love can circulate through me“. Sibylle (Switzerland)

“This stay allowed me to connect deeper within and to emerge the positive energy and divine love that is in me. I fully recommend this stay… if only people knew, they all want to come!”. Pierre (New Caledonia)

Brother Alex/Aloja could not join us physically but many of those present could sense, perceive and even see him energetically as we consciously embraced our individual and collective process of healing and transformation. With joy and gratitude, we therefore look forward to organize the next Spiritual Healing seminar & Retreat in the Philippines in November 2018, which actually coincides with Brother Aloja’s Birthday on November 25.

For the second half of 2018, the following events are being held in both Europe and the Philippines:

Special workshop “Healing & Health empowerment” July 27-29 in Drome, France

Inspired by the many life-transformative experiences in the Philippines, we are offering a special workshop based on the same principles of healing and harmonising body, mind and soul. In these 1 or 2 day workshops we are combining the Philippine spiritual healing by Joseph Calano to release energetic blockages with self-empowerment tools to enhance one’s own health and wellbeing. The programme includes the viewing of the recently released documentary “Man of Faith”, a tribute to Brother Aloja’s life, the power of faith and the miracles that happen when connecting to the heart with an open mind and spirit. Information through email

Spiritual Healing & Retreat Programmes Oct / Nov 2018 Philippines:

-> Spiritual healing stays in October between October 6 – 21, during either 1 or 2 weeks. These stays are concentrated on healings and regaining health, while also receiving guidance to further activate the healing process. See website

-> Healing Seminar and Spiritual Retreat at the Pyramid for Light from November 3 – 18 and with an optional Silence week till November 25. More detailed information can be viewed at website or

As always, looking forward to connect in spirit through our weekly meditation on Mondays at 21.30 hrs your local time in which we visualise our collective heart vibration being amplified and spread through the Pyramid for Light. Thank you for including Brother Alex/Aloja as he expresses his gratitude for your continuous prayers and wishes for his further recovery.

With love and in unity,

Marika / Maraja in co-creation with the different teams

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