Dear Friends, A belated blessed, healthy and inspirational 2017 to you all.

Last year’s developments and changes around Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja urged us all to reflect and connect with its deeper significance and meaning. For those who are interested, I’m sharing some personal reflections in the enclosed letter titled “Emerging 2017”.

As a consequence, we have been implementing new programmes that increasingly emphasize on the aspect of self-healing and self-empowerment through the co-creation of collective healing fields.

The Initiation and Retreat of December 2016 in the Philippines was held in this new spirit with preparative days invoking the Earth elements and Chakra initiations with the guiding presence of Brother Aloja. Its contents are aimed to further align, purify and transcend our subtle energy bodies to facilitate the connection with our divine essence within. In view of the positive feedbacks, we will thus continue with a similar programme around the Easter weeks in April which details you will find enclosed.

Apart from the Easter Initiation & Retreat in April, we will also organize a healing stay at the Pyramid of Asia for those who seek for a more individual approach in spiritual healing. During this stay, locally gifted healers will perform the healings while Brother Alex/Aloja will be present to give collective blessings and guidance.

We have also started to plan ahead for this summer in Europe where we will continue to walk this new path that provides for collective support and tools towards self-healing with the cooperation of local teams and health professionals altogether. Once we have more detailed information about dates, venues and contents, we will naturally let you know.

With this email, we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your kind patience as we are announcing these programmes on such a late notice caused by this transformative process. In view of the demand, we do recommend those who wish to come, to register as soon as possible.

With love and in unity,

Marika / Maraja

– Healing Stay February 25 – March 5, 2017
– Spiritual Initiation & Retreat Programme April 8-23, 2017
– Personal reflections: Emerging 2017

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