Anybody who has some interest in energy and its patterns might end up studying sacred geometry. Another less known quality of energy is that it bundles likewise orderly energy patterns in a holographic form.

In the material world this can be a liver, a tree, a structure and even a piece of land. The hologram is created through the energy-pattern of the sacred geometry. One of its properties is non-locality, which means i.e. that one energy-point can be found in more than one place. Another property is that a part of the hologram shows the whole hologram. It also has to be circular in order to contain all feminine and masculine forms. As above, so below.
So basically every energy-pattern and surely every sacred geometry form has its own hologram. The more orderly the energy-pattern is, the stronger it will resemble sacred geometry forms and will therefore create a stronger hologram. Heart-consciousness creates perfect sacred geometry and therefore holograms.
An important fact about sacred geometry is, that it is basically a right-brain science. It cannot be measured exactly. This comes from using π and ϕ and the left-brain science has a hard time handling approximations. Sacred geometry can be drawn with just a ruler, a drafting compass and a square (see sign of the free masons).

Flower of Life and Holograms
One of the best-known sacred geometry forms is the Flower of Life (see below).

Flower of Life
Cube of Metatron

If this form holds enough circles, the also well-known Cube of Metatron (see above) can be found in it. This Cube contains all the Platonic sacred forms, both in the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) order of energies.

Mother Gaia has an immeasurable quantity and quality of sacred forms in her immeasurable quantity and quality of holograms. So one has to be specific in looking for a certain hologram. There is one named The Energy Grid, which contains all the energies and the sacred forms of the Sacred Places on Gaia. The big question is; is the P4L to be found on this Grid?
Before going into that question I should explain about the energies in the Flower of Life and in the Cube of Metatron. Feminine energies are rounded like in a circle or a segment of it like the Vesica Pisces. Masculine (yang) energies are straight like a line. The Cube contains both but in the Flower of Life only the feminine (yin) energies are visible, so let’s see what it looks like with some of the masculine lines put in.
By connecting all circle-crossings with straight lines the yang energy-lines show up in this drawing. The yin energy-lines are blue, the yang are red.

The green circle shows now all major and minor yin and yang energy-lines in it.
So please keep in mind that the Flower of Life only shows the yin lines, when you see the next maps.


Here the Flower is laid over part of the earth with Gizeh at its centre. So this represents the energy forms and hologram of Gizeh. Although only 2 visible points (Gizeh and P4L) are noted here, this is part of the Energy Grid and the P4L connects to it. Remember please that it is also a hologram; a fraction contains the whole.
Another example is shown below. Here the sacred site of Angkor Wat is in the centre so it is the hologram of Angkor Wat. And again the P4L is in its hologram, as it touches a yang and/or yin line.


Next the hologram of the P4L and please notice some of the Sacred Places in its hologram are touching yin and/or yang lines. If one really would search, a lot more Sacred Places can be found in the P4L hologram and on its energy-lines. So the P4L is connected to the Sacred Places by her sacred geometry and hologram. The important conclusion is that the P4L is ON the Grid. Her energy lights up the total grid and the reverse also happens.


There is of course a smaller hologram of the P4L. Let us see what the Flower of Life shows on the map of the P4L site using the P4L hologram. Although it may not be very clear, the chakra points look to be right on energy lines. The hardest part of this kind of work is figuring out the right dimensions and the angle of the Flower of Life, so please take that in account.


The next blurry map shows a close-up of the chakra points with the Flower over the first chakra, so this is the hologram of the first chakra. All the chakras are on yin and/or yang energy lines of this hologram.


In conclusion it can be said that the P4L is connected to all Sacred Places on Mother Gaia and to the chakra points on site. So there is an energy-exchange between all these points through sacred geometry and therefore holograms.

Connecting holograms on the P4L site
All of us who have been fortunate enough to visit the P4L know there is much more to it. The human connection is a major energy source. Through our heart- consciousness we connect with each other and the P4L. The power of the heart-consciousness connection is being studied for quite some time and the results are impressive. Alex’s work may be one of the best examples. But also nature has its own fields of heart-consciousness connections.
Before and during our stay at the P4L last April, we felt this urge to make more connections to the P4L apart from our own. First was the connection between the site’s hologram and the P4L. To do this we had to define the dimensions of the site with sticks. As we were working on this, we noticed a strong energy from several big trees. They seemed to be connected and the number 144 came to us. Could it be that there are 144 trees on the site and that they are all connected? Later on we found some old rocks that had a very distinct energy, and it turned out that these rocks were connected to the old land of Lemuria. Some of the trees were weak and had to be healed, which gave a direct boost to their total energy level.
A few days later Alex, Marika, Claes and JJ invited us to show what we had found. We took of into the bush again and soon we arrived at the rocks. The old Lemurian energy had to be healed and with Alex’s help it was soon accomplished. There were other spots that needed strengthening or healing and thanks to Alex and the group this work was done quickly. As we were working on a minor energy problem of the last tree, the one above the cave, Marika showed us a number written on the tree by the Ministry of Forestry, it was 144. So now we knew for certain that we had to connect the trees to the P4L. On our last day JJ and we made the connections between the P4L and the holograms of the site, the 144 trees, the local land of Lemuria and the Golden Age of Gaia.
There is a caveat to this kind of work. When connecting sacred geometry forms and holograms one has to make certain that the energies are absolutely orderly and in balance. If not a depletion of energy will occur as not orderly or balanced energies alter the perfection of all holograms through their incomplete sacred forms. See what fear does to your energy system, your hologram.
From the above it can be concluded that a lot more connections can be made to the P4L. They should always come from the heart as that is the Creator’s connection to us and therefore beyond any doubt. So please keep on connecting with your heart and sent love so that both you and the P4L will raise the frequencies of the energies and strengthen and increase the sacred forms and holograms of the connections.

P.S The “we” group consisted of Vera, Gerda, Carla, Ancla and Peter.
Haarlem, April 2013
Peter van Driel
Geo-Biologist (Netherlands)


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  1. Dear Peter, dear all,
    Cher Peter, chers tous (en français en fin de lettre)
    Thank you so much for your work and information about P4L sacred geometry.

    This reflects what we felt from the beginning with JJ. You certainly know that all the main lines of the P4L sketches are following lines in direct harmony with the Flower of Life. (see attached files). Anyhow, this is the case for the great Pyramid of Giza. Yes, you’re right, and I would say that not only Mother Earth, but also our whole Universe follows sacred proportions in connection with the above holograms.

    The Flower of Life is already included in the P4L concept. The Pyramid radiates its energy to the entire Planet naturally through its proportions, vertically (see the attached pattern) and horizontally through the core of the basin that is in harmony with the Flower of Life as well.

    Note that experience has shown us how much simplicity was desirable in today’s work of Light on our Mother Earth, entrusted to our family of souls, in the service of Unity. After drawing a covered pyramid, it turns out that energy and symbolic power is at maximum, simply with the 4 pillars. No cover needed! What sobriety, what a beautiful symbolic, focusing us on the Essential! What a great lesson also for the ego, just confine its role where it is useful … and leave the rest in God’s hands. Here lies the FORCE.

    Even the “spark glass” that we had planned (on the layout of the Flower of Life, as well as the floor pattern) was not physically necessary. Some mediums have seen it working (!) during the celebration of 11.11.11. There it was, energetically without being built. Anyway, we have to remain careful and sober, working in good harmony with JJ and in connection with Aloja and the Foundation members feelings… This in mind, my question is very simple: “What is it to “harmonize” on such a sacred site?

    Metatron’s answer:
    “Yourselves! This sacred site is already perfect in its energies.”
    “These are revealed to you as you move forward on the path that leads you to the Divine Perfection which is deep in yourself. Much more than the outside, deep inside you, harmonization is to continue every day, freeing you from your fears and feelings of separation, focusing on your Heart, in Unity and Light. The world that you perceive is built in accordance with your inner representation of reality. Look for the Light in yourselves. By doing so, you reveal the wonders of the world. Love and Blessings. Metatron

    Big hugs, see you later with great pleasure. Perhaps in December?

    Cher Peter, chers tous
    Merci beaucoup pour votre travail et vos informations sur la géométrie sacrée de la P4L.

    Cela reflète ce que nous pensions depuis le début avec JJ. Vous savez certainement que toutes les grandes lignes des esquisses et plans de la P4L suivent les lignes en harmonie directe avec la Fleur de Vie. (Voir fichiers joints). Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est le cas pour la grande pyramide de Gizeh. Oui, vous avez raison, et je dirais que non seulement la Mère Terre, mais aussi l’ensemble de notre Univers suit les proportions sacrées en rapport avec les hologrammes ci-dessus.

    La Fleur de Vie est déjà inscrite dans la Pyramide par son concept même. Elle rayonne ces énergies vers la Planète entière, tout naturellement par sa proportion, à la fois verticalement, (voir le tracé directeur) et horizontalement par le noyau du bassin qui est en harmonie avec la Fleur de Vie également.

    L’expérience nous a montré à quel point la simplicité était souhaitable aujourd’hui dans le travail de Lumière confié à notre Famille d’âmes au service de l’Unité sur notre Terre Mère. Après avoir dessiné une pyramide couverte, il s’avère que sa puissance énergétique mais aussi symbolique est là, uniquement avec les 4 piliers! Quelle sobriété, quelle belle symbolique nous centrant sur l’Essentiel! Quelle superbe leçon pour cantonner l’Ego juste dans son rôle, là où il est utile… et abandonner le reste dans les mains de Dieu. Là réside la FORCE.

    Même l’éclateur en verre que nous avions projeté (sur le tracé de la Fleur de Vie) n’a pas été physiquement nécessaire. Et pourtant, certains médiums l’ont vu fonctionner (!) lors de la célébration du 11.11.11. Il était là énergétiquement, sans avoir été construit. Quoi qu’il en soit, nous devons rester prudents et sobres, travaillant en harmonie avec JJ et en lien avec Aloja et les membres de la Fondation… Dans cet esprit, ma question est simple: qu’y a-t-il à “harmoniser” sur un tel site sacré?

    La réponse de Métatron:
    “Vous-mêmes! Ce site sacré est déjà parfait dans ses énergies”.
    “Celles-ci se révèlent à vous au fur et à mesure que vous avancez sur le chemin qui vous mène à la Perfection Divine qui est au fond de vous-même. Bien plus qu’à l’extérieur, c’est là, au fond de vous, que l’harmonisation est à poursuivre chaque jour, en vous libérant de vos peurs et de vos sentiments de séparation, en vous centrant sur votre cœur dans l’Unité et la Lumière. Votre monde se construit à votre image. Amour et Lumière. Métatron

    Gros hugs à tous, je vous reverrai avec grand plaisir. Peut-être en décembre?

    Comment by Admin_m — June 6, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

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