Dear friends,

Several months have passed by since I wrote my last message to you all.
In this period, a variety of developments have taken place that can best be described as “transition”; a time to re-connect, listen, feel and learn.

Needless to say that we all miss the presence of Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Alex, whose legacy of healing, love and unity has transformed countless lives over these past decades. As I recently spoke to him after he suffered from a mild stroke in May, he expressed his gratitude for your continuous prayers and support. His recovery and rehabilitation is progressing well and is likely to last until the end of this year.
In the light of these developments and his sudden absence, we decided to cancel the scheduled healing events for this summer and instead we traveled to meet with the teams across Europe during the months of July and August. In Bulgaria, we attended the film premiere “Man of Faith”, featuring the life and healing mission of Brother Alex while transmitting the universal message of hope, faith and transformation. This 1-hour documentary is now being selected for international film festivals followed by local screenings in different countries. The website and trailer are viewable in English, French and Bulgarian at:

As we met with the teams in the different countries, either physically or virtually, we were deeply touched by the heartfelt sharing’s, the healing stories, the inspiring ideas as well as the love and unity that is palpable everywhere. We are thus longing to continue and expand this field for the benefit of all.

It is on this fertile ground, that we stand today to co-create for the day of tomorrow.
Everywhere we can see and read about the chaos in the world; an often painful but necessay process for old and unstable structures to crumble down so that the new and authentic can emerge through its cracks. This also applies to the area of holistic health and healing as it undergoes a similar transition; increasingly people seek for more (self) empowering and transformative solutions when facing a sickness or health issue. It’s a process that asks to shift from being a victim or outside spectator, to become an active participant in regaining one’s health and well-being.
To support this shift, we are now in the process of unifying and facilitating the multiple aspects that form part of the healing process:
Awareness and information; a better understanding of the body-mind-soul mechanism and its interconnectedness
– Physical; the impact of nutrition, release of toxicities, exercise and life-style habits
– Emotional; the release of negative emotions, positivity and gratitude
– Mental; the power of the mind, visualizations and mindfulness
– Spiritual: trusting the heart’s intelligence, life’s divine connection and one’s soul purpose
– Support; forming a supportive unity of friends, peers and professionals to allow for the transformative process to unfold with care and patience.
Together with the teams across the world and the wealth of information and experiences available, we will take this coming transition period to co-create, involving different health professionals and patients alike. It’s eventually the sum of everyone’s knowledge, experience and wisdom that forms the foundation of a new holistic health and healing approach, interconnected with all life and nature.
In this open, collective and co-creative spirit, we are planning to present more detailed programmes for 2018 in several countries.

In this respect, the miraculous creation of the Pyramid for Light stands as a source of inspiration, as it was built –against all odds- thanks to the collective power of many unified hearts. Its sacred geometrical structure and concentration of light energy holds the power to shift, transform and heal but –as always- this process requires us humans as instruments to manifest. We therefore invite you all to join in the weekly meditations on Mondays at 21.30 hrs your local time to jointly form a powerful healing field that is beneficial to all life. The invocation of the Pyramid for Light with its 4 archangels (Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel), the Spirit of the 5 elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Ether), the Divine Mother/Father will further amplify the field.
Talking about the Philippines, we have scheduled the following programmes for the next months:
–> During the weeks of October 7-15 & 14-22, two healing stays will take place at the Pyramid of Asia, where Joseph Calano will do the healing alongside daily explanations on the healing process. Both groups will be guided and accompanied with translation into French and Bulgarian. More information:
–> In view of the recent transitional developments, we decided to postpone the December programme at the Pyramid for Light to March 24 – April 8, 2018 followed by an optional silent retreat till April 15. The contents are being adapted to the most recent feedback and reflections whereby the first part of the seminar will concentrate on the awakening of our own healing potential which includes the opening and purification of the chakra’s and other subtle energy fields.

To enhance this process, some sessions of spiritual healings will be given by Joseph Calano. The second part at the Pyramid for Light will be in the form of a retreat with further guidance as well as more space for one’s own inner process, followed by an optional silent retreat. Enclosed you will find further information and registration details.
With love and gratitude to you all,

Marika / Maraja in co-creation with the different teams

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